Environment Enshmironment

How much environmental trouble do we have to get into before we listen to the tree huggers? How many benzene spills or ice cap melt downs must occur before we realize that terrorism is not the greatest man-made or man-assisted threat to us?

Once again I remind the members of the media who continue to pretend these problems do not exist…you are not immured to the effects of environmental problems. Your children suffer the same defects from mercury as the children of the tree huggers. The only difference is that the tree huggers are trying to save us while you, the members of the media, distract us and lull us into a false sense of safety. In other words you are complicit in the crimes of environmental terrorism.

As we examine each vital issue that we face the level of the crimes and betrayals committed by our news media appears to increase. There is no limit to the rage we should feel towards the members of the 4th estate in this nation for they act as the enabler to many of the evil doers causing us harm. Think about it!

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