Chris Matthews Enjoys Story About American Soldiers Robbing Iraqis

Tonight on MSNBC’s Hardball, Chris Matthews asked his guest, John Crawford (Iraq invasion veteran, author of “The Last Story I’ll Ever Tell”), what his best day was in Iraq. Crawford told Matthews of a night where he asked his commanding officer for permission to “confiscate” alcohol from the local Iraqis who were drinking by the Tigris River. Then Crawford and his pals got drunk on the “confiscated” alcohol.

Confiscated? They STOLE the alcohol from the locals with permission from their commander! How the hell is this not a crime? The alcohol is the private and paid for possession of the local Iraqis; what were the terms of the “confiscation?” This is outrageous! Matthews simply grinned and enjoyed Crawford’s little story about pillaging the locals, never stopping to ask him about the fact that they stole the Iraqi’s alcohol for their own personal use under the premise of it being a confiscation! This is unbelievable. I am so outraged that I want to punch Matthews in the face and I want to spit on anyone who condones the criminal Nazi-like invasion of Iraq. Is there a single journalist anywhere in this damn nation?

Watching Matthews grin while an American “hero” talked about stealing the possessions of Iraqi citizens made me sick beyond words. Even though I was already wide awake to the reality of the giant atrocity called the Iraq War, Mathew’s indifference to the crimes committed, no matter how small, against the Iraqi people, raised my outrage to a new level!

Enough is enough…we have to admit that what we did in Iraq is a crime equal to or worse than the crimes committed by the villains of history that Americans describe as evil. The invasion of Iraq was an evil act conduced by an evil administration using evil tactics for evil purposes. No two ways about it. There is NOTHING righteous about what we did. We are living through the most disgraceful period in American history. It is for this reason that Americans can not come to terms with reality. The US has become a despot nation led by evil, lying people. The only way to fix this problem is to first admit that it exists. No diluting it. No candy coating. We must stop pretending that the invasion of Iraq was anything but a crime against humanity, a crime against democracy, a crime against freedom and a crime against everything America stands for.

There is no apology big enough for what America has done to that nation. The entire Bush administration should face the harshest punishment for their crimes and the members of the media who continue to pretend that there is even an ounce of legitimacy to the invasion should be hauled off to Abu Ghraib for a taste of what the US has done to the people of Iraq.

I stand now, open and honest, and I declare at this moment to the world, America and Iraq would be better off if the cruel dictator Saddam Hussein were still in charge of Iraq and the reason I say this is because under that condition it would be Saddam, and only Saddam who would be guilty of crimes against humanity in Iraq. As it stands now America is no better than Saddam was at his worst, and for that reason we are not better off, we are worse off. Had we not invaded Iraq only Saddam could be blamed for the atrocities in Iraq. Now America shares in the guilt, shares in the shame and shares a place with the evil despots of history. It is for this reason we are not better off.

Chis Matthews and the rest of the corporate media, have you no shame?

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  1. Annamarie says:

    Jesse, once again I agree with you. Are you and I the only two people who are so outraged, disgusted and angry about the blatant shamelessness of the corporate media, and the heinous crimes being committed against Iraqis by the present administration?

    I did not see the Chris Matthews Hardball program tonight, but had I watched it, my reaction would have echoed your anger and indignation. I might even have been tempted to throw a rock at my television (to my later dismay)! I am surprised that I haven’t heard any other similar voices about this latest outrage. Why is everyone so apathetic, so silent? Is it because they are too busy watching ballgames and digesting all the turkey they’ve stuffed themselves with? Or is the nation becoming more inured to the crimes committed in their name? I subscribe to your site, hence I saw the alert to your post, and was saddened that no one else commented on this.

    Those who still support this criminal war are complicit in the criminality. How can they sleep at night? What kind of people are these? The same goes for the neutered corporate media. As you’ve suggested, they should spend a few nights in Iraq among the people, unembedded, outside of the fortified Green Zone, and watch what is really going on — what death and destruction their despotic leaders have unleashed upon a sovereign nation. Yes, Saddam was a terrible tyrant, but let’s not forget that the U.S. was in bed with him during the Iran-Iraq War, and supplied him with his weaponry. But he was theirtyrant, not a foreign occupier committing these atrocities. I have spoken with many expat Iraqis, and they all say that as bad as Saddam was, the Americans are much worse, and life under their occupation is worse than hell. These expat Iraqis have lived under Saddam, and now have family and friends living under the occupation. They know what they are talking about, and have no reason to prevaricate.

    Indeed, America will go down in the annals of history as one of the greatest global tyrants, and the Iraq War, will be its most infamous. Vietnam was bad enough, another war waged under false pretenses. This present War is even more duplicitous, as the ‘reason’ for it was not ostensibly to stop the spread of communism, but to gain a strong foothold in the middle of an oil-rich region. The Busheviks knew that Saddam had no WMD’s and was greatly weakened by the long years of sanctions. But another reason they wanted to get rid of him was that Saddam was a thorn in their side, and the last straw was when he threatened to change the oil-trading currency from US dollars to the Euro, or the yuan. That would have sent the dollar plummeting, and the U.S. economy which is built on paper (a house of cards), may well have come tumbling down. America would probably still have been able to negotiate with Saddam to prevent this, but the neocon chickenhawks were itching for a fight to be able to use their new, outrageously expensive, ’smart’ bombs and other war equipment. After all, huge amounts of money are invested in war machinery. The defense budget of the U.S. is more than the GDP of many countries combined (I’m not sure of the exact number of those countries now, but I did read it, and it’s grossly, indecently disproportionate). Just think how the situation of America’s poor — and those who are the ‘working poor’ — could have been ameliorated by even a portion of the enourmous sum spent on an illegal, insane war and the machinery used wage it. Not to mention America’s lack of health-care. It is the only country in the developed world that does not have national health coverage for ALL its inhabitants. Even India has this! In Canada, you can walk into any drugstore, ask what time they give out the flu shots, and you will get one.

    Mind you, we now have a sudden upcoming election, called by the Conservative Party (who else?) which will take place this winter. The Conservative Party’s main platform is “closer ties to the U.S. and signing on to ‘Fortress America’ Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) which the Busheviks are very strongly pushing for, naturally. That means, that should these Bush-loving Conservatives get elected as a majority party, the next time the U.S. decides to invade another country (not an improbability), Canada would be right there alongside. Of course, most of us sane, rational Canadians are against this, and now there’s a lot of frenzied campaigning soon to start. I will be working with the Progressives (NDP), going door-to-door, and doing my damndest to make sure the Bush-friendlies do not get in any major way. I don’t think they will, and here we don’t have voter fraud like you have down there. Some consolation, but we can’t sit idle, so more people have to get out and vote. Lots of work, but worth the effort!

    Sorry, I seem to have digressed far from my original comment! Anyway, the hour is late, so I’d best finish. Thanks again for being such a true human being, and for having the humility, intelligence, courage and honesty to stand up and speak the unabashed truth, when you said, “Now America shares in the guilt, shares in the shame and shares a place with the evil despots of history. It is for this reason we are not better off.” For this I want to thank you, and let you know that your heartfelt comments are appreciated.

    Take care, and best regards.

  2. ian says:

    Hi Jesse, I don’t watch any TV anymore except for comedy etc, the reason for this is for the reasons you give. I rant and rave at the talking heads. It really winds me up. Keep telling it like it is Jesse. ian.

  3. rbank says:

    My daughter came home the weekend before the war started. I didn’t know she was coming. All I could think of at the time was all the mothers who would never see their child’s smiling faces again. MIchael Moore brought home the horrors of war. Before w stole the first election I lived life and didn’t pay too much attention to what was going on. Now something has taken over and I watch and listen. We were Saddem’s friends before he crossed daddy bush. I still haven’t figured out what happened. I do think it is very funny that the two countries we are now ruling are countries we sold weapons to during the Regan/bush I administrations. I think w had to steal the election, to protect his father’s record. THe evil of the last five years goes from the top to the bottom. People now take their Bibles to work. People never took their Bible’s to work before. Maybe we are trying to repent for the guilt we share.

    When I heard about the torture, I thought that this couldn’t be happening this is American we are talking about. But how did we treat the Indians and the slaves. Of course we take the side of the Jews. We not only put them there and helped them steal the land, but we also did it to the Indians. I wonder how we would feel if an Indian came to our door and said, god gave me this land 5000 years ago, so you have to go?

    After 911 all I could think about was how to help the people who were hurt, I really didn’t want to see a war. I just wanted to help the people. I wasn’t impressed on how boy george handled the situation, but I was sure glad that Bill Clinton offered us words of comfort while boy george was still in hiding. And I wanted to make sure this never happened to us again so I went out to campign for Kerry.

    After The last election I don’t even want to be around other people. They just go about their lives like nothing is wrong. THe way the republicans handled themselves was beyond belief. THe horror of it all is still too much to bear. I was called a baby killer, I was told that I couldn’t talk about it at work. My union got angry with me because I didn’t indorse Howard Dean.

    At thanksgiving dinner I was having a discussion about what was happening with someone and my ignorant sister came up and said that we could not discuss politics. We can’t even talk about our country being distroyed. It’s just one big happy party. The media yesterday were talking about how everyone was out shopping. This just isn’t normal. Over 10,000 Americans have died because this man stole the whitehouse and we are facing high fuel costs this winter and higher food costs (5% higher), 100,ooo inocent people have been killed in Iraq and people shop and party like nothing is wrong. No one questions thaT we went to war on lies, that we have people in detention centers, that we are torturing people that we are killing women and children because shit happens. I fear what will happen to our country for what we have done. The celtic belief system believes that when a bad leader rules, nuture will raise up. I see it happening today. Our only hope is to impeach w and friends and go to the world and say that we made a big mistake and to please help us out of this mess. But I think the American people are like george, they don’t want to admit they were wrong. The thought that keeps going around and around in my head is the words that Christ spoke, “Many will come in my name but you will know them by their works.”

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