I’ll Tell You How You’d Feel! You’d Feel Like an Iraqi!

Look around you right now. Count the people in your home; your children, siblings, parents, pets, whom ever happen to be at your home at any given time. Add your neighbors on either side of where you are. Now imagine that you come home to find them all dead because a car bomb exploded in front of your home. How would you feel?

Now imagine that the only reason that someone was able to drive that car bomb up to your home and obliterate your family in the blink of an eye, is because some Governor from another state thought your mayor was a bastard, so they sent their National Guard in to depose of your mayor. Imagine that in the process they also fired all the police and let everyone out of jail. How would you feel?

How would you feel towards the Governor who unleashed this horror on your family? How would you feel towards the people who supported the actions that led to the obliteration of your family? How would you feel after you lost everyone and everything that was dear to you because people in a state on the other side of the nation poked their nose into your city’s business? How would you respond? How would you feel?

I’ll tell you how you would feel…you would feel like an Iraqi. Now perhaps you will better understand how and why Iraqis respond to the PNAC invasion of their nation, no matter what that response may be. Think about it

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  1. ian says:

    I often think of the term the Nazi’s used for the Jews, Untermenchen, basically it means a lower life form or under being, I think we tend to find our governments reduce its current enemy to a lesser being, eg ragheads. It helps the media spin to the masses, they never miss a chance to portray Iraqi’s as extremist fanatics who are radical Islamic fundamentalists.
    The’re people like you and me, with kids, neighbours, and they did have schools, water, medical treatment, and a life, before sanctions and invasion by us.
    Saddam was an arse, but apparently he won the Iraqi election via written in candidate selction.
    I know that the people who read it are mostly good decent people who already know the truth. It’s frustrating.

  2. Annamarie says:

    Very well said, Jesse and ian! Yes, indeed Americans and their allies in the war on Iraq should put themselves into the shoes of the Iraqis. Perhaps then they wouldn’t be so quick to comdemn them for their anger at what has been done to them. As I’ve said before — and Jesse put it so well too in a previous — the Iraqis are far worse off now than they ever were under Saddam. For anyone who doubts or disbelieves this, please go the website of my good friend Dahr Jamail, who is an independent, unembedded American journalist. Dahr was fed up with the media lies and lack of coverage of the war, so he went there to see for himself. He goes out amongst the people, asks real questions, visits hospitals and homes, travels the cities and countryside, and his stories will make your hair stand on end, and your blood boil at the crimes against humanity committed by the invaders. You will see photos of the effects of white phosphorous on infants; you will see unimaginable horrors inflicted upon an innocent populace. That this can happen in the 21st century, under the orders of America’s leadership, boggles the rational mind!

    Those who are still proponents of this terrible, illegal, immoral war should be ‘tarred-and-feathered’ at the very least, although a more appropriate treatment would be to send them to Iraq to see for themselves, and NOT in the relative safety of the Green Zone, but out amongst the people. Guaranteed these chickenhawks would dance to a different tune! It is easy to be an arm-chair warrior, sitting in the warm confines of one’s home, with a beer-filled belly, watching FOX News and Wrestlemania. It is quite another to see firsthand the agony, death, destruction foisted upon innocents by your leader, with your complicity, since you’ve elected him not once, but TWICE. This is how the world is judging America and Americans now. History will be a much harsher judge, and will place this huge blot on the collective American consciousness. Future generations will hang their heads in shame at the atrocities committed by their tyrant leaders today.

    “Anyone with knowledge of illegal activity and an opportunity to do something is a potential criminal under international law, unless the person takes affirmative measures to prevent the commission of the crimes.” - Declaration of War Crimes Tribunals following World War ll

    Dahr Jamail’s Iraq Dispatches website

    To you, Jesse, and Ian, I wish the best, and thank you for your ‘voices of reason’.

    Take care,
    Annamarie :-)

  3. Annamarie says:

    Just a little P.S.:

    In my closing ‘best wishes’, I forgot to mention rbank, who is also a ‘voice of reason’. Regards and best wishes to you too, rbank!

    Peace, Annamarie :)

  4. Eva says:

    I could not agree with you more!!
    I used to ask people who supported the war, how would they feel if another country decided that they wanted to remove Bush and change our country as to how they saw fit. I used to ask them to imagine having a foreign army tanks driving up and down our streets, with their troops watching our every move - ready to shoot us at any given second if they suspected us of something. Mind you, all of this is supposedly done in the name of “freedom”. Do you call this freedom - I don’t!!! Imagine how we would act, maybe we would form little pockets of groups to try and fight off this foreign army.
    It sickens me that the people who support this invasion cannot see this. While this adminstration should be locked up and tortured the way our troops tortured prisoners in Abu Grahib, supporters of the war should be forced to live in Iraq as an Iraqi and see first hand what this country has created.


  5. Annamarie says:

    Right on, Eva! Tell it like it is!

    Peace, Annamarie

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