Politics: It’s Not How You Feel, It’s What You Know!

People often as me how I “feel” about George W. Bush, or how I feel about other politician. I respond by telling them what I “know” about the person they are asking me about.

So many people tell me how they “feel” about Bush (for example), yet they know nothing about the man or his administration. This is a clear result of America’s deceptive news media.

The same goes for 9/11. People tell me that they “feel’ that it is impossible for Americans, especially those in government, to take part in such an atrocity.

OK, I am happy these people have feelings, but you have to make your judgments based on information, not instinct. Politics is not religion, you don’t need to rely on faith, proof and information are available. It’s about time we stopped feeling one way or another until we find out exactly how we should feel. The information is out there, use it.

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  1. ian says:

    A very interesting point you make Jesse, as often it’s these “feelings” you mention that are targeted by the spin doctors and PR people, to influence their targets’ belief. They don’t know any facts, but feel things are a certain way, and boy do they take convincing otherwise. A point I’ve noticed, is that people of reasonable intellect, who have open minds, through the plain power of reason, can be won round. People who are like the numb skull who sent the abusive email Friday or so are a waste of time, as even when presented with the facts, can’t or won’t put two and two together. Indeed they will attack the truth bringer, who’s facts don’t agree with their held misconceptions.

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