What is my blog worth?

I found this code on Whatreallyhappened.com. It is supposed to provide me with the value of my blog.
Anything more than $0.00 would make me happy:-)
Just for fun…

My blog is worth $27,097.92.
How much is your blog worth?

3 Responses to “What is my blog worth?”

  1. Eva says:

    Jesse - Do you want to know what the worth of your blog is….
    it’s priceless (as is your main site and especially your radio show).


  2. ian says:

    Well Jesse, I don’t know how to work this thing, but all I can say is I’ve only 7 sites on my toolbar and yours is one of them, that’s got to be worth something.

  3. Jesse says:

    Thanks for the kind words Eva & Ian, my 3 lettered friends!

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