CNN: Drugs Good, Natural Cures…Never Heard of Them!

This morning, after CNN finished bringing us the vital in depth update on the status of Kato Kaelin (from the OJ trial), they did a nice long piece on young teens needing sleeping pills. In the case of the teen they used as an example it was said that this teen tried everything, including not having caffeine “after school!” They passed over this little tidbit as they talked about every prescription drug available to aid sleep.

Not once did they talk about the fact that teens, most notably teen girls, spend quite a lot of time drinking lattes and other fancy coffees. Do you know that latte has espresso (please notice that there is no x in that word, it is not expresso…which would be a good name for an overnight delivery service) in it? There was no mention of how much sugar (soft drinks) or other poisons were ingested by this teen, or other teens. There was no mention of smoking, which also interferes with sleep.

There was no discussion of any natural or herbal sleep remedy, such as valerian, kava-kava, melatonin, L-Tryptophan (the stuff in turkey that makes you sleepy after your Thanksgiving day meal, which was suddenly taken off of the market when Prozac was approved but restrictions were loosened in 2001), warm milk or even exercise! Drugs were the only solution entertained by today’s report.

I am convinced that the business of medicine is as evil as it is good. I think that there is a concerted effort on behalf of the pharmaceutical companies to keep you sick so that you remain a loyal paying customer. I am also convinced that they are behind the regulations that are in the works that will inhibit our rights to purchase or possess nutrients and herbs. We have to start paying more attention to how we poison our own bodies and how we address the symptoms of the poisoning. Common sense and nature should always be part of your self evaluation and don’t let CNN tell you different! Think about it!

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