Fox News Promotes Pro-Torture Spokesperson

On Fox News, Neil Cavuto had a guest, Brigitte Gabriel from American Congress for Truth who came on to dispute the outrage over the torture and abuses taking place in Iraq. Her argument ws that Arabs expect torture. She said that Arabs look for strength in their leaders and they look for leaders who break the back of their enemies. She was making an argument in favor of the torture that is taking place today at the hands of the new post-Saddam, American imposed leadership!

Well…isn’t that what Saddam did? This neocon came on to justify the torture taking place in Iraq today by condoning the very thing that she & FOX News condemned Saddam for!

How do these people get away with this insanity?

2 Responses to “Fox News Promotes Pro-Torture Spokesperson”

  1. ian says:

    All I’d like to say is that after the behaviour of the Bush administration, torturing, killing, and lying. Is that breaking the backs of their enemies won’t be a problem, other from the fact that they’ll have one hell of a lot of backs to break, and new backs are made daily.

  2. chef says:

    How many Brigitte Gabriels do we need? We know what she will write before she writes it. Krauthammer in drag. Opinions a modern day equivalent of the “Yellow Peril.”

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