Global Warming…Is Anyone Listening to the Warnings?

What has to happen before we heed the warnings of the scientists who are telling is in clear terms that global warming is the greatest threat to life on earth? I have said time and time again that terrorism has posed less (statistically verifiable) of a threat to human life than everything from drunk drivers to medical malpractice. Of course environmental toxins can also be blames for millions of deaths by a number of diseases but global warming is moving up the threat list fast!

It’s like we are living in a bad movie where nobody is listening to the good guy/girl while people are dying all over the place. We watched in horror as something we never thought would happen did; the WTC towers crumbled to the ground (actually they exploded, but that is another story!) How are we going to feel when the island of Manhattan is swallowed up by the sea?

When I worked at the Associated Press I had a guy on my staff who was a Marine Reserve Warrant Officer. He was a cool guy but he approached his job like a Marine in one respect. He used to operate with the mindset that it is always easier to apologize than it is to ask for permission. An apology might suffice coming from a Marine who took an extra 45 minutes extra on his lunch break so that he could shove as much “all you can eat” sushi down his throat. An apology won’t suffice for ignoring warnings about global warming. When the real horrors of global warming come to fruition apologies will be greeted with the immortal words of Seinfeld’s George Costanza; “you could stuff your sorry’s in a sack, mister!” That is, if we survive long enough to say it. Think about it!

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  1. ian says:

    They wont be guilty Jesse, they never are, and they’ll be the last to drown. All the poor people will be used as sand bags to stop the rising waters. Fox news will say it’s their patriotic duty, and in the words of the great Homer Simpson, “It must be true if TV says so”.

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