So Where is the White House’s Apology to Iraq?

The White House is admitting that Iraq is likely to face violence for years to come. OK, so where is their apology to Iraq?
Let’s understand this…the White House invaded Iraq on the premise that they had weapons and posed a threat to us. The White House lied. They removed Saddam from his position based on that threat. The threat turned out to be wrong. Where was the apology for falsely accusing Saddam?

Now that the White House and the media have successfully revised history so that the original reason for invading Iraq is no longer acknowledged, we realize that as a result of their “liberation” of the Iraqi people they have destabilized Iraq which will now to be a violent place for years (according to the White House). OK…so where is their apology?

Am I wrong here? Am I stupid for believing that a nation that conducts itself in a way that results in creating a dangerous and deadly environment for another nation should at the very least apologize for doing so? Am I wrong in saying that the people who made the decision to do such a thing should be removed from office for their incompetence? They have proven that they are not responsible enough to control a military. Am I wrong for saying that the people who decided to do such a thing and lied in order to do it should be charged with crimes against humanity?

But at the end of the day is an apology really to much to expect from the people who created the conditions that have led to all of this violence? Think about it!

3 Responses to “So Where is the White House’s Apology to Iraq?”

  1. ian says:

    I don’t think an apology is too much, it’s nowhere near enough Jesse, but it would be the first step in the right direction, that this sad bunch had ever made.

  2. johnmccarthy says:

    Hello Jesse,
    Re the WH apology, I was very pleased to post the following article on my Website.

  3. Eva says:

    In order for there to be an apology, there would have to be an admission of a mistake - and that will NEVER happen. Do you really think that Bush, Cheney, Condi or anyone else in this administration would admit to a mistake, they won’t even stand by their initial reason to invading Iraq. I gave up long ago thinking that at some point Bush would admit to this being a mistake.

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