Holiday Tree? Christmas Tree? Dead Tree? Here’s What You are Missing…

We have homeless hungry Americans living in the streets including veterans, global warming threatening life on earth, diseases and syndromes on the rise (today is World AIDS Day), an insane vice president hell bent on never ending global war, an administration hell bent on eliminating our civil rights and all government services designed to assist those in need. Through all this Congress, or I should say the Speaker of the House, is spending time addressing the non-issue of whether we should call the tree at the White House a Christmas tree or a holiday tree. I suppose they feel that little league baseball can handle their own steroid policies!

Every second spent on this issue by our Congress shows how little they care about the people of this nation and every second devoted to this issue by the news media shows how little real (vital) news they report.

Note to Congress: Christmas is supposed to celebrate the birth of Jesus. According to Christianity all living beings are God’s creations. Maybe we should not be sawing down living trees to celebrate the birth of the tree’s creator! Maybe we should be taking the time to learn from the teachings of Jesus and the bible (and the teachings of other religions and holy books). Maybe we should be turning the other cheek, helping our fellow man, showing compassion for others, preserving life on Earth, making people smile…you know…things that make this world a better place for all! (Not a bad sentiment coming from an atheist…wouldn’t you say?)

Here is my solution, call the tree what it is…a murdered plant that was killed as part of the capitalist commercialization of religious holidays. The tree, along with the gifts placed under the tree has diluted the true meaning of the holiday itself and for many the good lessons to be learned from religion, like tolerance and compassion, have been replaced with intolerance and separatism. Keep your holiday or Christmas trees, keep your gifts and take this holiday season to act on the teachings of your religion that can help this world to be a better place for all. Now that’s the kind of religious sentiment that you can mix with government and end up with positive results for all. You don’t have to believe in God to believe in good! OK…problem solved, now get back to work! Think about it!

3 Responses to “Holiday Tree? Christmas Tree? Dead Tree? Here’s What You are Missing…”

  1. ian says:

    Funny thing you brought up there Jesse, You’re an atheist, no big deal, I am too. Bush Cheney and Blair are devout Christians. Funny old world isn’t it.

  2. ian says:

    I thought I’d better post another comment here, and I hope I didn’t offend any Christians with that last comment. All I meant was Being or claiming to be a Christian doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a decent person, anymore than being an atheist or for that matter any other religion doesn’t mean you’re necessarily a bad person or visa versa. We are all just people with the same basic needs and fears, and need to learn to tolerate each other. We need to share this planet that we are killing at the moment. Sorry for deviating from your article Jesse.

  3. Freeminder says:

    Thanks , Jesse, for noticing the difference between the teachings of Jesus, and the practices of people who claim to be Christians. If so-called (false)Christians were to spend more time following the teachings of Jesus Christ, and less time forcing others to believe and accept their apostate religion, then we would not have to worry about how or where Christmas is celebrated. Christmas is a pagan holiday, Jesus never instructed his followers to observe his birthday, or death (Easter), for that matter, so you can’t take “Christ” out of Christmas when Christ never was in Christmas. Christmas is not only a pagan ritual, which is forbidden by the Lord, but it is a selfish , greed-driven act of wanting and coveting, instead of sacrifice and humility, which is opposite of what Jesus teaches his followers.
    The Apostate Christians (90% of American Christians), could stop following the world system, and start to follow their Lord Jesus, by separating themselves from worldly things like government systems,(politics, schools, etc.), and do what Jesus instructed them to do: love the Lord thy God , and love everyone as you love yourself (Matthew chapter 22 verses 36-40).
    Then, an amazing thing would happen, all wars would stop, and greed-driven, and cold-hearted business and government policies would end, and the world would be a much better place to live.

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