Another Bush Supporting Idiot

Here is an e-mail I received from a dignified self respecting right wing gentleman. Isn’t it great that these people try to share their opinions?

After reading this…tell me…is there really place on this planet for people like this? Is there any room for people who will threaten anyone who exposes information that they do not want exposed?

Here is his note…enjoy…with my reply”

You fucking pussy communist. You don’t have the balls to contact me but here is my email,,. Come on and we will try to have an intellectual discussion, but I will have to play with only half my brain to make it fair. You really need to have your pussy ass kicked in front of a crowd of your koolaid drinking friends. You don’t have the guts to respond, so I realize I’m wasting my time. Hey, I know move to another country and see if you get away with this. If you want I will give you my address and we can meet so I can stomp your little commie ass.

Chris Yow


Not only am I contacting you, I would discuss issues with you in a public forum. The first thing I would say in public is to comment on the first words you chose to start your email with. Then, after we establish what a lowlife you are I will spank you with my knowledge of the facts.

I’ll be back later. Call me if you want to talk…not if you want to call names. I have no time to argue with lowlife redneck people. I’ll give you a heads up…the fist thing I am going to ask you will be based on the names you called me, why you chose those names and what they mean. If you can’t answer those questions I am going to ask you to research your point of view including you assertions about me, them we can talk.

Guts…I have more guts than anyone you know because I have the courage to stand up for the truth in a world if idiots like yourself who threaten people who expose information that you don’t want made public. Judging from your note you are a tough punk with a strong point of view yet a lack of understanding as to why you believe what you do. Don’t be surprised if you learn something from talking to me.

Jesse – 718-832-5767

3 Responses to “Another Bush Supporting Idiot”

  1. ian says:

    Hi jesse, I took advantage of the email above to contact the guy, here’s a copy of what I sent, I may just get abuse back, I’ll let you know. ian

    Hi Chris, I’m one of Jesse’s koolaid drinking friends, whatever the fuck that is. What is it with you guys, the man is trying to do some good in the world. He’s an intelligent commited individual just trying to talk some sense. I don’t agree with everything he says, and occasionally say so, it’s allowed. The media deceives you every day, and getting angry at Jesse or me won’t change that. Read various news sources, eg information clearing house, world socialist website, and read Dahr Jamails reports from Iraq, then match what you see is happening with what you are being told is happening, and you’ll soon see where the truth is.
    Like Jesse, if you want to talk in a civilised manner, I’ll talk to you, but I’m getting a bit old for ass stomping. Take care Chris were all in this together man, and believe it or not, we’re the ones who are on your side. ian (Ian McKenzie Scotland UK)

  2. Eva says:

    Why is it that when a right winger like that disagree’s with one’s point of view, all they do is hurl insults and call names. I remember after the invasion of Iraq, whenever I stated that I was against the war to a right winger, they would immediately call me a “terrorist” or tell me that I supported terrorism. Even when I would state that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11, it was still easier for right-wingers to call me a terrorist than to engage in a civilized, fact-based conversation.
    If this asshole that contacted you had a half of brain than maybe he could have said that he disagreed with your point of view and then stated some facts (if he had any) and try to engage in a civilized, intellectual conversation. Though from reading the email he sent you, I doubt he has much of a brain at all and he doesn’t seem capable of having a civilized conversation.

  3. johnmccarthy says:

    Castigate, assassinate and call me some really ugly names….and as that anonymous source once said, “You can ignore the facts, but you cannot change the facts”.

    I, along with millions of others, took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, therefore, you have the right to rant and insult and label. You do not, however, have the Right to make a “terrorist threat”. Even the neocons recognize that.

    Gather your wits, Mr. Yow, and learn to communicate without the rudeness you have shown in you email above. Such narrow mindedness is fuel to the fodder of ignorance and bliss.


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