Protect Us From the Next 9/11? Come On, Get Real!

Have you kept up with 4 years worth of news reports that included condemnations by the 9/11 Commission about how the Bush administration is not doing enough to protect us from the next 9/11? Well did you ever think that the reason that the Bush administration is not really paying close attention to this issue is because they know that events like 9/11 don’t happen without our cooperation? Did you ever think that maybe the Bush administration knows very well that the threat of such an event is unrealistic so they are not going to go through all of the motions just to pretend that they are protecting us?

Come on…if their mission was really to protect us don’t you think they would be protecting us? It is so painfully obvious that they are not protecting us from terrorism. They are in fact provoking & creating terrorism! If there was no threat of terrorism the Bush/PNAC team would be powerless and have nothing at all to offer to the people. That’s why 9/11 happened…it was for PNAC, not for Islam! As they wrote in their manifesto (PNAC), they needed a new Pearl Harbor. They did NOT write about how anyone would benefit from the elimination of terrorism.

Look no further than our own nuclear waste dumps where Bush eliminated the programs to monitor & safeguard them! Is anyone foolish enough to believe that someone would de-secure nuclear materials in our own nation if they were really trying to protect us? Come on! Get real! Think about it!

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