Howard Stern or Media Deception. Which Do You Find to Be Obscene?

The fact that Howard Stern is moving to satellite radio serves as the perfect example of how freedom in this nation is vanishing. If you have been listening to Stern on his recent media blitz he explains that all he really wants to do is the material that he did on his program 12 years ago.

12 Years ago Stern had the freedom to be lewd and rude. At the same time he harmed nobody. He deceived nobody. He misinformed nobody. He never misled any of his listeners on any issues that caused them to vote for the wrong candidate.

If sex is obscene to you then become celibate but let others have fun as long as they hurt nobody. If you, like me, find the lies told by the media to be obscene, then stop worrying about Stern and start paying attention to the obscenities that take place on your news networks. These obscenities are called lies. Those obscenities hurt people, protect criminals and result in unspeakable atrocities. So tell me, what do you find to be the real obscenities in life?

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  1. ian says:

    I find the fact that the Falluja massacre (research it) the troops, American backed by Iraqi troops, used Napalm or agent 77(Napalm that uses polystyrene instead of sodium palmitrate as a thickening agent for the gasolene)and White phosphorous, which can’t be extinguished with water, they used all this stuff in conjunction with all the other stuff they normally use to blow men women and kids to pieces . I know Jesse doesn’t think it matters how you die, but I do. All of this stuff happened, you know what I find obscene……. The BBC called it a PR nightmare for the US

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