Cable News: No News, All the Time.

Yesterday all 3 cable news networks aired live the entire press conference held by the parents of the Boy Scout who was missing and has been found. They also covered the second live press conference later in the day. In contrast none of these networks covered a single minute of the Downing Street Memo hearings involving 104 members of Congress.

News? This is of national interest? How do you think the parents feel? They feel great. Do we need to know more? Do we need any details at all? Do wee need live and immediate coverage of this information as it unfolds or would a summarized report suffice? This story belongs in the bylines, not in the headlines and it surely does not merit complete live national coverage. The on-scene reporters keep asking questions. It is like they are finally getting to play reporter. It is comical to watch. Too bad they can not practice their skills on real news stories. Think about it!

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  1. Michael says:

    I totally agree with your assessment of the media situation. We have a bunch of toady cowards working in the MS press these days. I wish we could be more like the Canadian or British media where they demand answers to questions rather than just go on to the next tame query on their list.

    That all being said, I do not simply blame the media for the state of the situation we are in. I blame us as well. I remember for example, quite clearly at the heat of the Iraq invasion when word was going out that no weapons of mass destruction have been used by Saddam’s forces and no one know where they are. I stated at the time, that if the American public finds out that there are no WMD in Iraq, which is the reason we had drummed into our heads for over a year, for going to war, they are going to take to the streets. Well, ya know what? There are NO WMD and we did NOT take to the streests. Not only that, but we re-elected the son of a bitch that lied to us.

    Thank about it……

  2. Michael says:

    My lousy typing messed up my play on words……Apparently I meant
    THINK about it……..:-)

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