America, Home of the Brave? What a Joke!

American patriots can learn a lesson from suicide bombers. No, I don’t mean we should be blowing ourselves up or taking the lives of innocent people. I mean we should risk more in order to defeat our enemies (within).

Many people have inside information about terrible crimes being committed but they are scared to come forward. They fear everything from losing their job to having the government come after them. Many even fear blackmail.

Well guess what…America and the world needs people to risk all and come forward to expose everything from election fraud to the truth behind 9/11. Next time you see a New Hampshire license plate read the motto at the bottom…it says “Live Free, Or Die”. Think about that.

It’s time that the silent majority become the brave majority. If you know about the problem and you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem. It’s time you become the solution! Think about it!

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