Who Supports the Troops? Not Who You Think!

Let me decipher the current administration’s pro-military double speak. We hear so much a about how Republicans are pro-military. We hear how this current administration “supports” the troops. Let me splash some reality on that notion.

First off, what is pro-military? This is the most misused and ambiguous term in our vernacular. It means nothing. There are virtually no Americans who do not appreciate the individuals who serve our nation. “Supporting the troops” is another stupid phrase. To Republicans it means “shut your mouth and let us use, misuse, abuse and shortchange the troops however we want to!” To liberals it means stop cutting the troops benefits, address the homeless veteran situation, fund the VA hospitals, don’t send them into battle unless it is truly necessary and when you send them to battle make damn sure that they have the equipment they need.

Donald Rumsfeld may be the most anti-troop Defense Secretary in the history of the world. I won’t even bring up the horribly miss-planned and under-resourced invasion of Iraq; I’ll just talk about his strategy of making the military more efficient and streamlined. You know, creating a smaller, faster military. Well wake up people, this is code for replacing the military with profit based paramilitary companies. Yes, Donald Rumsfeld is outsourcing our military. What is taking place is our military funding is now going to private contractors that perform tasks that our military used to or should be doing. And our military would do a better job at those tasks to begin with! The only real differences are that the military now has lower quality support and private companies (friends of Rumsfeld, Bush, Cheney, etc) can now earn record profits, with little accountability, by means of no-bid contracts.

In a nutshell the current pro-troop administration is diverting billions of dollars away from the military and placing it in the hands of their friends who own and run corporations. They are increasing the industrial elements of war. They are increasing the presence of the military industrial complex. And they are leaving the troops, especially those who can not longer serve because of age or injury, to fend for themselves with virtually no support whatsoever.
So I ask you, who supports the troops? It’s not who you think! Think about it!

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