Stop Having Children! PLEASE!

Um, how can I say this gently? STOP HAVING BABIES! Enough already with these large families! You are endangering the future of mankind!

I was watching CNN today, because I have to in order to run my website, and the anchormorons The O’Brien team were smiling over the fact that a family on the west coast will have a tough time buying holiday gifts. This is because THEY HAVE 17 CHILDREN! Do you people realize that if every couple had 17 children we would enter an Armageddon type era within a decade?

The world can not sustain population growth anymore. We won’t have room to house people, to dispose of all the waste that we produce and we’ll have problem producing enough food for that many people. The amount of fossil fuel needed to keep them warm, produce their electricity or power their cars will not be available and it would cause more global warming than the planet could deal with.

I tell you right now that I fear for future generations. We are being so irresponsible with this planet that their survival is now in question. We are using up everything, destroying natural resources, contaminating large sections of the world and we are contributing to the extinction of thousands of life forms. We are creating new toxins and viruses and we are spreading them all over the world. We are actually destroying the eco system that lets us live in the first place.

STOP OVERPOPULATING THE WORLD! 2 kids are enough! Instead of having MORE children try educating the children you have. Maybe they will be smart enough to stop destroying the world! Think about it!

3 Responses to “Stop Having Children! PLEASE!”

  1. dhoag says:

    About overpopulation. I have thought about it. I got married back in the 60’s, and realized that the species would not survive if every couple had less than one child, so we’d try one, and take it from there. I have never regretted not having a second child.

  2. Mocattu says:

    Overpopulation was a subject that I’ve put a lot of research and thought on. I have to say, on the road we’re going, people are just not going to stop spawning more humans, unless a dramatic change or warning occurs.

    To me, 1 child is too much. I’m not having any. I’m one of them childfree people ever since I was a little idiot, and I have no shame in that, no matter how many times people say I’ll “eventually change my mind”.

  3. extinct says:

    Whenever there occurs a drop in the birth rate government officials are all too quick to increase the financial incentive (for poor and middle class alike) to produce more offspring. Untill people learn to refuse these bribes and see them for the cheap con they are, mankind will indeed destroy itself. Excessive man power makes for strong economies - but strong economies make for excessively powerful politicians - like Thatcher, Mugabi, Hitler and Bush. It has long been known that mankind is unfit to rule the earth, but the only way in which ordinary people can combat political monopolization of the earth is by instigating unilateral population reducement.

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