Iraq Election News Coverage: Complete - American Election News: UNREPORTED

Why did news related to the Iraqi elections receive overwhelming news coverage in the United States while the bombshell American election news got blacked out? Are you aware that there has been a clear confirmation that the Diebold voting machines have an undocumented backdoor that permits someone with access to reverse election results? Do you know the CEO of that company just resigned? Do you know that the election official in Florida now says that even the 2000 election could have been hacked?

Are you aware that your democracy is now in question? Once the validity of elections are in question our entire democracy is in question. Don’t you think that news coverage of our democracy should take priority over the so called democracy in Iraq? Then again without a real free press we can’t really say that we live in a democracy anyway, can we?

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  1. rbank says:

    I agree Jesse, 100%. My question is how long before something is finally done about it. I knew that the American people weren’t that dumb. I could tell the day after the election something was wrong by the look on the reporters faces. Now he is spying on us. Even the republicans act angry about this. Please could he have gone to far this time?

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