Wartime Powers? For What?

When George W. Bush claims that he is a war time president and then asserts war time powers for a war that HE STARTED, it is like watching someone run over a child with his car and then arresting the child for getting blood on his car!

How dare he start a war and then claim to need extra powers to protect us. Even the 9/11 argument does not hold water. For one thing we know that his people were involved in those events, but even if they were not 9/11 would have been an example of how his administration failed to use the powers that they already had! If the phony 9/11 story is true all it proves is that they neglected to use the existing powers that would have prevented the events and now they say they need more power to protect us. What a crock! Think about it!

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  1. rbank says:

    I can’t beleive how many republicans are on now spining the tale to cover for w. spying on us. 10,000 Americans are died or missing because this man stole power. Every time the turth comes out they either come out with a horror story to scare us or get up there and spin the lies so that the rightwing nuts don’t understand what is going on. How much more does this man have to do before he is impeached?

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