So What Else Isn’t the NY Times Telling Us?

The Times held on the domestic spying story for over a year before they decided that it was “fit to print!” So what else does the New York Times know that they are not telling us? Do they know about rigged US elections? Do they know about inside complicity into 9/11? Do they know that Dick Cheney is a mad man who has seized control of US foreign policy and domestic power? Do they know that the US is more than just heading towards a police state but we are more than half way there already? Do they know that the US environmental policy is designed to reduce global population by killing billions of people? Do they know that the corporate elite are well on the way to owning everything and making the world a virtual slave state?

Tell me NY Times, when do you think you might want to tell us the truth? Think about it!

Remember this:

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