Welcome to the Era of Rubberneck Journalism!

Welcome to the era of rubberneck news! Our so called news networks are now the television equivalent of those people who gather around accident scenes. Today on MSNBC they interrupted a news report to tell us (and show us distant video of) a school bus accident. Is this news? It was a damn automobile accident! Who the heck decided to get this national news coverage?

It’s just stupid at this point! How do the news casters continue to make complete fools of themselves? It is so embarrassing to watch these adults try so hard to pretend that the stories they report are national news events! Can you imagine Walter Cronkite reporting the kinds of stories that this crop of child pretend TV journalists report on a daily bases? Can you imagine Edward R. Murrow doing an hour on Laci Peterson? Oh, man…it’s so embarrassing to be an American these days! Think about it!

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  1. fido says:

    I guess just after you posted this they had a breaking news story of a Lear jet that was circling St. Louis airport so it could get rid of its fuel. This was critical news obviously, as they zoomed in on any plane that landed. Of course, the bingo caller was quick to point out, “This is not the plane” as it was a Cessna or some other plane. Very observant! They patiently waited and talked with a pilot- who had flown a Lear jet a few times- and talked about this and that, like what could be wrong with it. It was ascertained that the landing gear was stuck open so they had to burn the fuel off by circling, and when it landed they weren’t sure if it would have to stop in the runway and let the ‘poor’ passengers walk the rest of the way to the terminal.

    That was definitely important news to waste time on. Another slow day indeed. I should say ‘Typical’news gathering day.

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