“I Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Illegal Wiretap Order!”

“I did not have sexual relations with that illegal wiretap order!” Maybe if that was one of the thousands of lies uttered by George W. Bush over the last 5 years it would get news coverage. Maybe if sex was involved with the numerous lies of George W. Bush the news coverage would be adequate. I suppose you can change the “illegal wiretap” portion of that statement to any one of a thousand things like “fixed intelligence about Iraq”, “widespread voting irregularities that all went in my favor”, “unanswered questions about 9/11”, etc. The list is endless.

So have you been able to count the lies that have come out of George W. Bush’s mouth? I lost count years ago, but I can tell you how many of his lies were pointed out by the US media: ZERO! Interestingly enough this week we have clear and undeniable poof that Bush once again lied and he lied to cover up the fact that he broke the law. We are not talking about marital infidelity here; we are talking about violating the US Constitution.

We have seen video evidence of George W. Bush acknowledging that all wiretaps require court orders and that all the wiretaps that his administration complies with the law. Wouldn’t it be nice if America had a single broadcast news organization who felt that this was important as the Monica Lewinski scandal? Think about it!

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