TV News Covers Bar Fights but Not Impeachment

The news networks found the time to report on John Conyers today. The only problem is that they seemed to completely overlook his papers exploring the impeachment of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney and they chose to cover the bar fight that his wife got into. So let me ask you this…when news networks ignore the potential and warranted calls for the impeachment of a sitting president and report instead about a “girl fight” are we still supposed to trust them?

So…when will your outrage against the media reach the level that it deserves? When do we tear down completely the current news establishments and start all over? When will we impeach, by any means possible, the corporate media? When will we treat the members of these institutions like the criminals that they are?

If this nation ever wakes from its slumber every broadcast news criminal will be scared to be seen in public for fear of retribution. And in my opinion…until that happens we don’t stand a chance of defeating the enemies who have hijacked our nation. Think about it!

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