Thoughts on a Religious Holiday

On this Christian holiday I would like my Christian friends to think about the following things: War (killing of other human beings to solve our problems), the environment (and the destruction of “Gods green Earth”), looking out for our fellow man (and cutting their funding for food, housing and heat), mercy (not forcing someone to live through intense suffering), love (even the kind where you love people with similar genitals as you), honesty (even on TV), and the simple notion of live and let live.

Now I want you to think of the people who act as representatives of Christianity in our world. I want you to think of those who claim to speak on behalf on Christianity.

Now that you have identified those representatives I want you to find the Christianity in them.

If you got stuck on that last task…you’re not alone.

Maybe if religious people took their religion back from the people who have hijacked it for their own personal use (and abuse) this world would finally benefit from religion (Christianity being only one example). Think about it!

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