TV News - Power & Comedy. How Sad.

FOX News now calls themselves “the most powerful name in news”. In an ad for Keith Olbermann’s show MSNBC is comparing the show with Comedy Central’s the Daily Show. Is this what TV journalism has come to in this nation? FOX News boldly tells you how powerful they are and MSNBC admits that a comedy show has set the standard by which we should judge good news programs!

Fox’s declaration confirms all of my claims of how the people behind broadcast news have the power to manipulate public opinion. Information is power. The providers of that information should not use it to empower themselves. The power is for the people, not for the controllers of that information. Fox News once again spits their criminal control of public opinion right in the fact of their viewers and their viewers are to stupid to realize it! Think about it!

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    Interesting topic… I’m working in this industry myself and I don’t agree about this in 100%, but I added your page to my bookmarks and hope to see more interesting articles in the future

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