Monday Night Football & American Greed

It’s over. Monday night football on ABC (free) broadcast television is now history. The American institution is moving to ESPN next year. This is another indication of how our America is not available to the poor. If you can not afford cable TV you can no longer enjoy the American institution known as Monday Night Football. You can not sit there teaching your children the social interaction known as the “high five”. You can not curse out your team for throwing 3 interceptions on national TV. You can not sneak a peak at the cheerleaders when your wife is not looking. It’s all over.

Professional sports in America serves as an example of everything that is wrong with our value system. We value a quarterback more than we value the teacher who will educate our children. We get angry when NYC transit workers strike because they want to have a pension plan that will ensure that they won’t have to eat out of garbage cans when they are older but the word “greed” is never mentioned when professional athletes strike. Next time Major League baseball players go on strike keep in mind the MINIMUM salary for a baseball player (player…they play a game for a living), is $316,000 per year. After the latest baseball strike we rushed back to the stadiums so that we could pay $6 for hot dogs while we sit in a $65 seat where we watched the NY Mets sink in to last place. How much does an EMT worker earn? They save lives. Think about that.

Greed is now the unspoken moniker of American sports (and America in general) where the average citizen can hardly scrape together enough cash to take their kid to sit in the last row of a baseball game. Don’t even think about trying to buy tickets to a football game! But now we can not even watch many of our sports events for free on TV anymore.

On another note we are asked to pay for cable TV yet we still get bombarded with advertising. How did that ever happen? I pay for my TV. I am not paying to watch ads. If I am going to watch ads let the advertisers pay me. This is how broadcast TV works; the advertisers pay for our viewing so that we watch their ads. Why is it different for cable? How did we lest this happen?

I suppose this is what you get when you live in a nation that can pay an uneducated drug taking street thug (pick one) millions of dollars to play a game (pick one) while we refuse raise the minimum wages paid to the very people who make up their audience. Welcome to an America for the rich. Think about it!

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