Death Penalty Carried Out Before the Arrest is Even Made!

We think those guys might be criminals…so we bombed them to death!

Is this the kind of justice that takes place in a democracy? Can you imagine if this kind of justice was carried out on a broader base? How do we carry out a death penalty before an arrest is even made? The people of Iraq don’t have to imagine this because the US is bombing them to death with this kind of justice. Can you imagine if your home gets shot up with a barrage of 55 caliber machine gun fire because your drunken brother may have stolen a six pack from the local grocery?

How stupid are the people of this nation? How does the obvious escape them on so many levels? Oh…I forgot…the media has them mesmerized! Boy would l like to practice “justice” on the media! Maybe then they will explain to the people how absurd that particular brand of democratic justice is! Think about it

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