Student Puts US Corporate Media to Shame!

If you have not noticed yet there is a young student who just acted more like a journalist than virtually every single American news industry poser! This kid understood what his English teacher said while discussing journalism and the need for a journalist to immerse him/herself in a story.

He understood the difference between immersing himself in a story and embedding himself in a story, if you know what I mean. He got up and flew himself to Iraq. He did not embed himself in the controlled environment provided to the fake journalists by the US military; he went to Iraq to see what it was like to live in Iraq!

As far as I am concerned he just added to the embarrassment of the US news establishment. He out braved and out performed everyone in the US who calls him/herself a journalist (except for the independents who also immerse themselves as apposed to embed themselves…but we rarely hear from them). He also showed that he understands more about journalism than they all do. I think that the teacher who taught this young man about journalism also deserves kudos. Together they serve an example of how rare journalism is in America. So sad. Think about it!

Link: U.S. teen leaves Iraq for home

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