Happy New Year? Not For Everyone!

Happy party people packed into Times Square last night to usher in the new year.

They watched the famous ball drop from a place that symbolizes everything that is bad in our nation.

They watched a ball made out of 504 Waterford crystals from a Times Square that had been cleared of its homeless people; who live there and eat out of garbage cans that line the streets. These people were not invited to the celebration.

They watched from the heart and symbol of the greedy and morally corrupt multi national corporations; surrounded by energy wasting billboards selling products made using unfair labor practices, tax loopholes and manufacturing methods that destroy our planet.

They watched from a place named after the New York Times, the symbol of the criminal institution called the US corporate news media.

They watched, they cheered, the reveled. Well, not everyone. The homeless people who live there were not invited to the party that took place where they live.

It’s time to get serious about life. We have to stop pretending everything is happy and wonderful. Unless we stop pretending all is well we will not be able to make things well again.

Sure there are things in all of our lives to be happy about. But I am finding it harder celebrate my fortunes while so many others have nothing to celebrate and are suffering in part because I support things (without realizing it) that perpetuate man’s disregard for all that is good. I greatly appreciate my good fortunes, but I no longer celebrate them.

So I ask you…Happy New Year? And I answer for you…Not for everyone. Think about it!

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