Hey Red States…You Voted for This Weather!

Entire towns burning down while others vanish in floods. New York ushered in a 54 degree new year.

There has been wall to wall coverage of the weather on our criminal news networks yet the terms “global warming” or “greenhouse gas” or “Kyoto Protocol”, seem to be banned from the airways.

The decision by the Bush administration to treat environment as their secret weapon to destroy the world has yet to be pointed out to Americans by our complicit media. So I say this to everyone who lost a home this week as a result of the extreme weather…especially those in the red states…what is your president doing to help ease global warming? Anything at all? Or is he doing everything in his power to make things worse for people like you? Now I ask you…do you still feel safer with Bush in office? Think about it!

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  1. rbank says:

    Watching CNN international today. (Well it gives a little more news) I saw that Russia is in a gas war with Ugoslovia (spelling). This could affect Europe and us. They wanted to raise the prices by alot. Now we see the price of gas going from 3cents to over 63 cents in Iraq. Helped w. put his buddy into office. This is pretty scary stuff. Could we in fact be running out of oil and if so why aren’t they telling us. I would say that we would cut back but with the greed we see in America, I think it would start a real mess.

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