Bush Lied Over & Over About Troop Count Requests From Iraq! US Media Silent!

How many military brass representatives have we seen paraded on our news programs? How many of them either supported the Bush administration completely or have taken to addressing the situation in Iraq as it stands, not as to how or why we got there and what we did once there?

Now count how many military brass representatives, current or retired, American or British, have you SEEN ON TV who oppose the Bush administration’s venture and have exposed the lies of the Bush/PNAC/Blair cabal? NONE! That’s right, the members of the military, no matter how senior, who have exposed the lies of the Bush administration where it comes to Iraq, are not welcomed on our news programs.

Remember the “Diplomats and Military Commanders for Change?” Where are they? Where is the UK General who said this week that Blair should be impeached for the lies that led to war in Iraq? Where is Paul Bremer who just this week admitted that he had requested 3 times the number of troops in order to stabilize Iraq, only to be turned down by Rumsfeld and ignored by Bush!!!

Holy cow…how big a lie are we living and how big a role is the US media playing in that lie? Think about it!

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