Mad Max, Meet Our Children!

2 interesting items were discussed on MSNBC this morning. One story was about the 300 millionth American will be born shortly according the Census Bureau. The other story was an in depth discussion on Angelina Jolie’s pregnancy and here relationship with Brad Pitt (a new item that is vital to our informed electorate…ha ha ha!)

What was not mentioned on this national news network was the warning from the Worldwatch Institute stating that Earth lacks the water, energy and agricultural land to allow for the kind of growth that is taking place. Of course many others, including I, have warned that we are creating an unsustainable existence but the warning by Worldwatch came yesterday and is timely news.

To all of my friends who are thinking of or actually having more than two children….DON’T! You will be contributing to the demise of civilization as we know it. I just hope your children or their children don’t have to ask why nobody listened to the warnings from a community that resembles the ones depicted in the Mad Max movies! Think about it!

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