King Had a Dream; We Have a Nightmare!

He had a dream and we have a nightmare! If Martin Luther King, Jr. were still alive what do you think he would be doing? Which social outrage would he be championing? Just trying to pick one is enough to cause a nervous breakdown!

Mr. King had a clear and easy decision to make when it came to causes. Racism was a social institution that needed to be ended. Today, we have so many social, economic, corporate & political institutions that need to be ended one could go insane trying to figure out which is the most important one to address. I wonder if Mr. King was alive if he would wish he was back in the good old days when it was easy to spot the injustice in society, less challenging to find informed people who supported his efforts to correct that injustice, and we had a news media that was not one of the most damaging injustices as it is today. I wonder if he would think back to those times as the good old days for he only needed to dream back then; today he would need to awake from a far more complex nightmare! Think about it!

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  1. catlover says:

    Boy, you’ve got that right. I’ve heard it described as “liberal outrage overload.” Some days I just feel paralyzed-there’s so much to be upset about. Almost every day brings something new.

  2. rbank says:

    Well said Jesse. I feel like I was put back into the Twilight Zone. The evil starts at the top and goes right down the ladder. People are working much harder for less. THe prices of everything goes up. Every day w. and company breaks a new law and nothing is done about it. I called my Senaters to ask why they were having a hearing to confirm Altio when someone who stole two elections and has committed treason appointed him. Congress and the senate are still on their bloody vacation. What a good time to tell us that W. is spying on us, just before congress goes on a bloody vacation. Where they hoping that the anger would just die down and we’d forget it just like they thought we would forget everything else. Like KATRINA, I haven’t forgot that people died while they were having fun on vacation. THen Laura goes on tv to protect her husband, isn’t that sweet. Now I don’t like Hilary because I don’t think she’s a good role model for women, but Laura in her rich ivy tower has no clue of how a woman in todays world has to servive. Has she ever worked an honest day in her life. THen she said that absenance is the way to go. Did she cut w. off in his drinking days. How I pray that someone will come up with someone he shagged so that he can be impeached. (Frankly as a woman I can tell you why we are having such a hard time finding one.) Today she was in Africa with Condi, isn’t that special, wearing a hat so that she looks like Queen Elizabeth (the funny thing is that it looks like a hat Queen Elizabeth would wear). I don’t know about you, but I am getting real tired of w. and company traveling all over on my tax dollar when number one the bastard was never elected in the first plan and number two the money could go to help the people who are still suffering from KATRINA. I talked to my sister and she didn’t even know that w. is spying on us. I wish people would wake up and smell the coffee before it’s too late. One of my African-American friends told me that they were the next target. And now the drums are starting to slowly beat for Iran. And McCain is going along with this crazy plan. How many more inocent people have to die because w and company blow up the twin towers and 3000 people died, even by w.’s numbers 10 times that amount have died in Iraq. It breaks my heart.

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