The New American Century. Will We Ever Recover From It?

I keep reviewing in my mind the many areas of life in America during this new millennium. I contemplate the state of the nation when it comes to everything from the cost of living to the state of the environment. I review all the legislative changes made over the past 5 years as well as the international standing of our nation. I think of the assault on the common person and the increased power of the tyrannical corporate and governmental powers in this nation. Sadly, the only word that I can think of when evaluating the changes to all of these areas of American life is “recovery!” Very simply put every aspect of life in this nation has gotten so much worse for the common person that I can not imagine how we could ever recover from the damage done. I can not think of a single area that has actually recovered or improved during this “New American Century!”

Say what you want but there is no more accurate comparison when it comes to the price paid by our nation than that between Hurricane Katrina and the actions of the Bush/PNAC administration with the help of the Republican & Fake Democrat Congress. How will we recover from the damage? Think about it!

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