If She Dies, Blame the US News Media!

If the independent journalist who was kidnapped in Iraq is killed the fault lies directly with the mainstream corporate news media. Had the media done their job and reported what needs to be reported two things would be different. One…we would not have invaded Iraq because the lies would have been exposed (and perhaps the administration would be in prison for their involvement in 9/11). But even if we did go to Iraq independent journalists would not have to risk their lives to report news because our corporate news media would already be doing that.

Independent journalists are dying in Iraq for one reason…because the corporate news media are not journalists.

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  1. Cheryl says:

    One has to question why it is that people who are SYMPATHETIC to the occupied people of Iraq (and elsewhere) are the ones targeted (kidnappings, beheadings etc.) by the very people whose plight they are trying to report to the world.
    Remember the “female bomber” who “miraculously” survived when she and “other” terrorists went to a PALISTINIAN OWNED hotel, PASSED UP rooms FULL of celebrateing WESTERNERS ( the “terrorists’s enemy”), only to “suicide-bomb” THEIR OWN PEOPLE? And how EYE WITTNESSES refute the OFFICIAL story, expaining how the bomb seemed to come from the celing? And how the PICTURES from the crime seen SHOW the CELING BLOWN DOWN onto the floor? And how there is NO body parts, blood or anything at the site of the explosion, where one would expect to find such evidence?
    One has to ask: “Who Are The Terrorists”?
    In order to answer that, one would do well to to ask: “Who Benefits”?

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