“Who” is the “Terrorist?”

This morning on CNN there was a report about “environmental terrorists” being charged by the Department of Justice for crimes they had committed over the past few years. CNN kept harping on the term “environmental terrorists” when referring to the people being charged. Let me set the record straight…these people may have committed crimes and may well be criminals but they were committing crimes AGAINST “environmental terrorists”.

Environmental terrorists are people or organizations who terrorize the environment. It is the big ugly factory that is pouring toxic chemicals into our rivers that is the environmental terrorist. The person who tries to stop this terrorism may be committing a crime in the process but is in no way a terrorist. Let’s get that straight once and for all.

Whose side is CNN on when they ignore the environmental terrorism being conducted by the targets of these alleged criminals? They, along with all the corporate media are indeed on the side of the powerful corporations whose mission is to make money regardless of the damage done to our world in the process. Think about it!

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  1. Cheryl says:

    VERY well said, Jesse!

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