So War is Peace? Then I Can Fly!

So let me ask you people a question…if a nation is a “threat to peace”, how exactly is starting a war with that nation helping the situation? Please submit your answers using compete and logical explanations. Include an explanation as to why ending peace by starting a war is actually peace?

If you explain this to me and I actually accept your explanation I will jump off a building because if you can tell me how war is peace then I can surely fly even though every piece of logic, science & known reality indicates otherwise

2 Responses to “So War is Peace? Then I Can Fly!”

  1. asetech says:

    Sure, why couldn’t war be peace? There’s no reason why you couldn’t defy science and fly right out of your window! The WTC buildings defied science, and everybody bought it, why couldn’t you? Maybe it’d be safer to just TELL everybody that you flew, and if anyone questions it, just get pissy and call them crazy! ;-)

  2. johnmccarthy says:

    because bush and the neocons are students of straussicons, iwonderwhoskissingernowicons and yalies spin masters who are flexing for a ‘fight’ for peace or piece or you know, oildominationesque.

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