Wolf Blitzer, A Journalist…NOT!

When you watch CNN’s Wolf Blitzer interview someone ask yourself if he is interviewing the person or debating the person. Ask yourself if Blitzer is conducting himself as a journalist and asking important questions while letting the interviewee speak or is he arguing or supporting a point during the dialogue. Ask yourself if Blitzer “runs out of time” only when certain types information is being exposed. Then ask yourself if you are surprised to find out that Wolfe Blitzer never took a single class in journalism.

Isn’t it interesting that CNN, the “most trusted name in news”, chose as their “iron man” a person who has absolutely no education as a journalist? Are you surprised? I’m not. Think about it!

  • More on Wolf Blitzer here: Link

One Response to “Wolf Blitzer, A Journalist…NOT!”

  1. catlover says:

    I can’t STAND Wolf Blitzer either. I saw where someone e-mailed him to ask if he attended the Elmer Fudd School of Journalism.

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