America, Home of the Stupid!

While Americans wait to see what George W. Bush has to say about the state of the union they overlook a very important point. As we wait to hear how Bush is planning to address the many problems facing the nation we completely overlook the very real prospect that most of these problems are the direct result of Bush’s actions. How stupid are we as a nation? How do we continue to turn to the trouble maker and hope that he will solve our problems?

Using this logic Americans would have no problems drinking a nice big frothy glass of spoiled milk with old rotten meat and chicken parts in it, as a remedy for their stomach ache! How collectively stupid are we as Americans? Just ask a well informed foreigner. They usually seem to know more about America than Americans do anyway. I wonder why that is…can you say “criminal corporate media?” Think about it!

2 Responses to “America, Home of the Stupid!”

  1. rbank says:

    I for one am not looking forward to the state of the union address. I aLready know what he is going to do. FUCK things up even more. He’ll want to give the rich more tax cuts, he will talk about why he should steal the boomer’s social security after they have paid for years. He will lie about how Iran is a danger to us, call us democrates traders and gave us a bunch of propaganda about how he is making us safer by spying on us. I don’t want to be safe I want to be free. I’m sure the people of NO felt safe a couple of weeks before Katrina hit. NOne of us are safe. THe big question is how do we change it?

  2. Cheryl says:

    I have NO idea why so many people are being DELIBERATLY obtuse. How in the hell do they benefit?

    Their behavior reminds me way too much of my own, years ago , while I was in an abusive relationship.
    Are they really THAT terrorized of the consequences of standing up to, or even QUESTIONING these repulsive punks?
    I recovered from my “toxic” relationship, and will NEVER again live like that.
    I prefer to “die on my feet”, rather than “live on my knees”.
    The “bed-wetters” are on their own!

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