It’s the Economy News That is Stupid!

Ford is saying goodbye to 35,000 employees. Dell Computers is adding 5000 people to its 10,000 strong staff…in India! Personal savings is at its lowest point since 1933. There were a record number of property foreclosures last year. Pension plans are folding up all over the nation. Soup kitchens could not keep up with demand. Funding for food and heating assistance has been cut. Energy prices are at a record high and Exxon just reported the largest profit in the history of business on the planet Earth…for the second straight quarter. Tomorrow George W. Bush is going to tell the nation how well the economy is doing. Is there no limit to the insanity? Think about it!

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  1. fido says:

    Corporations are strong, Governments are strong, Military is strong, union leaders are strong, but the employees are losing strength and support, Remember the transit strike in New York? Where the Billionaire Mayor was telling us that the workers were greedy? This infects our revenge/cheaters subconscious and we just go along with their rhetoric. The unions are being smashed by the govt/corp/union executive mandate to bond together and create a situation of parity and fairness while dictating what workers must do to keep their jobs. With threats to their incomes by loss of work and outsourcing to foreign soils, the unholy triumvirite do their best to make America more competitive, by lowering workers wages in America and providing a cheap ready workforce to perform the duties they would not outsource. Like their miltary weaponry. It is a well thought out plan that compartmentalises the production of military technology throughout the land. No one plant is responsible for the manufacture of a complete component, as they sub contract out their work to many states and cities, thus keeping everyone from mayors to congressmen wary of losing contracts in their cities, districts or states. Just like the automotive companies, they make sure the production of parts and materials is diverse and contributes to the local economies of many places. This keeps ecveryone in line with the leaders as you may be the next to lose that good paying contract and jobs that prevent your re-election. All this is done over the watchful eye of the corporations and union bosses who, with the dictates of the government, ensure that the freedoms and security of America are NEVER contested or challenged. We are the suckers that P.T. Barnum was so fond of fleecing. Divide and conquer and make us compete with each other for near starvation wages. Our future is clear, our future is bleak.
    G.W. will never say it but the “State of the Union” is insanity. We’re nuts to believe them.

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