Welcome to America, Be Afraid, Be Very Very Afraid

America? the Greatest nation in the world? Liberty and justice for all?

How sad is that that I received a phone call from a wonderful supporter of the truth who offered me a place to hide in case the government came after me for exposing information about 9/11? While it was a beautiful thing that someone thought enough of what I am doing to make such an offer, the fact that an offer like that had to be made is a truly sad statement.

Are people supposed to feel frightened because they ask questions and because they point out inaccuracies in the answers they receive? Well in today’s America the honest citizen has become the enemy of the state. What does that say about our wonderful nation? Think about it!

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  1. Cheryl says:

    You are talking about an illegitimate government which has done, and is continuing to do, these things, AND MORE:
    Insisted that a high ranking member of the EPA to go on National television, and say that the air around “ground zero” was harmless, knowing that they were lying (common sense would tell you that this was not possible).
    After lying and FAKEING a “threat” so that “we”(other people’s kids, NOT their own) could go to war, they then knowingly sent the other people’s kids into battle without proper protection (not THEIR kids, though, because they HAVE money).
    Have taken away funding, healthcare and support from these very same kids (as well as from the Vets of all other wars)
    Litterally MELTED THE SKIN OFF OF PEOPLE with White Phosphorous.
    Whined, pouted, and demanded a plan to blow up an occupied news studio (a studio which may or may not be a propaganda machine for the Zionist’s own agenda. per: Jesse)
    Supports murderous Apartheid regimes, including, but not limited to the israeli government, with OUR OWN MONEY.
    Supports, condones and practices TORTURE in OUR COUNTRY’S NAME.
    Wants US to allow THEIR corporate “friends” who bought them to be allowed to legally test(experiment with) chemicals on poor, live human CHILDREN, (not THEIR children, though, because they HAVE money).
    Supports war, the death penalty, murder(assassignations) yet bills itself as “pro-life”.
    Continually attemping to disturb, shock, frighten and/or terrorize American citizens with such things as; SLAMMING PLANES INTO OCCUPIED BUILDINGS (it bears repeating), “mushroom clouds”, “unexplained” blackouts, threats of another “terrorist” attack if we don’t vote for them, bogus videos of “Osama” (he’s dead) threatening regular people instead of government officials, “sleeper cells” ready to blow us (not the people actually IN government) all to hell, “Bird Flu”, and least we forget, (although I’ll bet they wish we would)….. Monkey Pox!
    And these are just a FEW of the things that we have seen with our own eyes. Imagine what other horrors that we HAVEN’T AS YET discovered about these hideous creatures.
    One would have to be a fool to expect anything except misery, filth and death from these nasty animals.
    But it comes down to how we want to spend whatever time we have left on this planet. On our knees, or on our feet. And really, what’s the worst that they can do to us? Kill us? Kick in our doors and take away our birthdays? Tie us up and force us to listen to O’Rilley’s “sex tape”? EEEWWWWW! Now THAT may make us WISH we were dead!(Yuk, now I have to go have my mind’s eye gouged out! Or maybe one of the government’s “secret agents” spying on this blog will do it for me).

  2. popol vuh says:

    Telling the truth to power has always been a revolutionary act.

    Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

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