CNN - 55,000 to 1 Against Reporting Real News

Today CNN devoted four minutes of their news hour to bring us a detailed story about a man whose wallet was returned to him after 40 years. We learned that he had 8 cent stamps in his wallet.

The story was reported at 15 minutes past the hour. We would think that a national news organization would have enough important news to fill up 15 minutes (actually about 12 minutes when you subtract commercials).4 minutes is 6.66% of an hour and it is about 8-10% of an hour when you subtract commercials.

On the other hand a news item where 55,000 Africans (at least) had to flee their homes because of the violence in that region was not mentioned on this “news” program.

This is only one sample of my quest to find actual news on TV. On any given day at any given time I can show you how the United States does not have a national news broadcast program. Not one! Anyone want to challenge me on this? You’ll lose! Think about it!

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  1. Mocattu says:

    You have no idea how much I agree with you on this. Most of the news I see nowadays are not even close to being news at all. It’s more like teen gossip sometimes when I think about it. Seriously, I really don’t seem to get why the OH-SO-IMPORTANT breaking news story of actress what’s-her-crotch and actor rotten-cheese-face ending their 0.857457-second relationship is more important than, let’s say, the risky upcoming Haiti elections. I mean, wow, such news~! …yeah.

    It makes the little journalism person in me cry sometimes.

  2. rbank says:

    Your right Jesse, and they even have a new Boston murder to tell us about until we want to scream. THis way they do not have to report on the fact that Bush thought about dressing a plane up to look like it belonged to the UN so that we had to go to war in Iraq. I just feel sorry for the people who don’t go on the internet or watch BBC. I know I am not learning everything but at least I have a different slant on the news. I really enjoy reading your news daily.

  3. popol vuh says:

    I stopped watching television around Christmas of ‘01. I had been wanting to for a long time previously for reasons readers here would probably disagree with, but once the break was made it was easy and it made any glimpse of it since then painful by comparison.

    It’s beyond propaganda, it’s deliberately degenerate, it’s so chock full of lies and misrepresentations that any amount of time spent watching it- unless you’re studying how an enemy works at demoralizing and brainwashing a population into accepting it’s own disenfranchisement and eradication- is beyond me.

    Do yourself a favor, kill your tv.

  4. MASHER1 says:

    Wanna see my sig from Gmail

    MASHER1 Call’s for the complete BAN on USING Depleted uranium and the A-10 GAU-8 Radioactive Waste Cannon as a Tool of war!
    The AMERICAN WAR MACHINE is Emptying its Nuclear reactor Waste Cooling pools of uranium 238 onto the battlefield Kilograms at a time AND IT HAS TO STOP NOW Jack! not next month after the shit is in the fan Right Now Jack TODAY.(please e-mail any DU Effects)
    “During the Gulf War, US forces fired about 320 tons of DU munitions. Most of this amount (about 270 tons) consisted of 30 mm rounds fired from US aircraft. US tanks fired about 50 tons of 120 mm DU penetrators. Forces from the United Kingdom fired fewer than 100 such rounds.” MEDSEARCH

    i have been using it for months now i get a real kik out of e-mailing everything to jacko the silly boy (at least the Beast can get a good look at What i Know about him)

    and i most whole heartedly agree on the TV is your enemy theme.
    I say the TV is the primary mind control device. give it up cold turky and you can sleep better shit i even managed to quit smoking over night with very little effects. (the man sure has demonized quitting sheesh i kicked the crave in 14 days) So stand up live for those that surround you and stop the slide into the abyss over shit you do not need and cannot afford to take. the world is a great place if everyone plays nice. and it runs headlong into the fire if they do not. Simple plain easy now GO…..DO! or PERISH

  5. MASHER1 says:

    Because GOD can bring a CRAPLOAD OF PERISH!

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