A 9/11 Superbowl…a Ratings Stunt?

There are some rumors based on some very interesting information suggesting that we may be in for a state sponsored false flag operation at tonights superbowl.

I got to thinking that perhaps some people may tune in just to see if anything does happen.

Being that the teams involved on today’s game are not from huge markets the rating whores may want to stur up some interest in the game. Maybe by putting forth some very interesting information that would make people think that we are in for another 9/11, would make people who have no interest in the game tune in.

Being that we now live in a nation where anyone would to anything to anyone (for profit) and trust is a word that is being phased out of the language for simply not applying to anything anymore, any manipulation of the people using fear is possible, Just a thought.

2 Responses to “A 9/11 Superbowl…a Ratings Stunt?”

  1. rbank says:

    My daughter lives in Detroit. I worned her to leave the area. I agree that george needs to be impeached. The media continues to find things to talk about so that they don’t have to discuss the issues. We know little or nothing about what is going on in the world. How in the world are we going to make informed decussions. THe media doesn’t even talk about what is happening to our neigbors to the north or south. Why are they isolating us?

  2. rbank says:

    I do think that w. needs a reason to go to war in Iran. I would not put anything past him. WHy is it that the red states get hit by disasters and the blues get off scot free?

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