CNN - Most Trusted Name In News…By Idiots!

The Senate Judiciary Committee is holding hearings on the invasion of our privacy by the Executive branch of our country. The issue is in essence violations of the US Constitution by the president of the United states, repeatedly, for years.

This important hearing is airing live on C-SPAN. Live on CNN…an in depth report of Puff Daddy/P Ditty/Sean John. CNN…the most trusted name in news…only if you are an idiot!

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  1. tombot says:

    I stopped watching Fox News when they declared Colin Powel’s speech before the U.N. a “great success” only 4 minutes after he stopped talking. I stopped watching CNN when they hired Nancy Grace.

  2. Rad_Man says:

    I have come to the stunning conclusion that ALL TV is lies! Same old lame commercials trying to sell corporate amerikkka over and over again. Well, I had Dish Network and thought I was getting something different and all I got were two shows worth watching; 1. Democracy Now and 2. Link TV which carried some good documentary stuff. The rest of the crap I got were about 50 lame music channels audio only from around the globe and that sucked big time, a waste! If I wanted to watch a movie I had to endure the commercials or the lies put out by A & E and The History Channel. If you want to have some fun go to the History Channel website and get in on their discussions. The site is filled up with right wing Bush loving zealots and they are fun to spar with. I have about 50 postings under the name of “gentleman_ricky” and I have had some fun with the stupid white men on that site. OK, bottom line on this posting is to tell you that I terminated my contract with Dish Network, just not worth the 50 bucks to see more TV Lies and it is all lies my friends and not worth our time. What I did do for entertainment is buy into the cheapest format Net Flix, a good deal for $9.99 a month and all the movies I want with a 2 day turnaround. So folks, cancel your TV contracts, get Net Flix and start reading again! Lots of good books out there about how awful it is getting and they are not censored like TV!TV SUCKS!

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