Do You Feel Safer Now?

Due to budget considerations you have been advised to stop buying toilet paper and use discarded packaging materials from your food products instead. You have also been advised to stop purchasing food for your children with the exception of Raman noodles. In these noodles will be high levels of mercury. Your water will no longer be treated so be careful when you drink from the tap. Medicine prices have increased sharply and vitamins will be regulated and eventually unavailable to the public so try not to get sick. Your local waste treatment plants and factories will no longer have to spend money on pollution controlling technology so you may experience periods of heavy breathing. You can only heat one room in your home and you can only heat it for 6 hours per day. If you or your children become ill you will have to sweat it out. Overspending on education will no longer continue so attending college may not be the right financial decision for you.

Not to worry, we are putting brand new locks on your doors and a guard in front of your home. We will protect you so that no Al Qaeda members can harm your sick, dirty, undernourished, frozen, unemployed, polluted and uneducated body.

Do you feel safer now? Do you feel secure in your day to day life now?

Your budget and priorities have now been set by the Bush administration.

One Response to “Do You Feel Safer Now?”

  1. Magginkat says:

    I haven’t felt safe since the Village Idiot climbed up on those bodies at the WTC and started his fool cheerleading act. But I refuse to allow that damn fool to control my life with his scaredy cat act. Most people know that he hides behind the skirts of his Mommies, Babs, The Stepford wife, Karen “I’ve been saved” Hughes, and Hateful Condi for starters.
    If there was a god, he would have struck these vermin dead yrs ago.

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