So They Want To Read Your E-Mail? Give Them Something Good To Read!

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So the U.S. government wants to scan our e-mail, blogs & websites for “our own protection” -  I say let’s give them something good to read! Let’s overload their systems.

I think every e-mail that is sent, every website and every blog should include a sentence or two that will trigger an alert. We should never say (or do) anything threatening but we should say things that can be misinterpreted by a computer. Add a trick line to every e-mail. Make it your signature. Here are some examples:

  • My garden is so overcrowded that I think we will have to kill a bush or two this weekend to make room for our veggies.
  • We are way behind in our paperwork but my staff is planning to attack this problem immediately.
  • We were going to get married in a civil ceremony but my spouse is planning to have a mass. She wants the altar boys to wear black capes. They will look like a murder of crows!

At the end of your trick sentence you can include the phrase: “How are you doing Big Brother? Nice to see you.”

So they are going to protect you by scanning my e-mail and website. So they will protect the people of America from my spelling errors. OK, let them, but if they want to violate my privacy I want to make their task tedious, annoying, aggravating and fruitless. I want to laugh in their face while they assault our Constitution because at the end of the day they know as well as I that I am the good guy and they are the criminals!

Anyway it is my opinion that we should show them that there are more of us (good people) than there are of them. We don’t need them to keep us safe, we need to keep ourselves safe from them! Think about it!

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3 Responses to “So They Want To Read Your E-Mail? Give Them Something Good To Read!”

  1. The QuoMan says:

    Well said Jesse!

    I’m with you all the way brother!!

    The links below will take you to pages on my website where information on the ECHELON system can be found. Visitors can obtain a list of the keywords used by the system along with some of the IP addresses it uses.

    You can also discover how to protect your PC from being eavesdropped upon, and how to throw a spanner in the works of ECHELON.

    The government does not have the manpower to spy on everyone simutaneously, and if enough of us bombard the system we can inflict chaos on those who seek to monitor us.

    Let’s do it Folks! Bring ‘em on!!

  2. everett123 says:

    That’s along the lines of something that I had been thinking but I have a suggestion to make it more widespread and more effective.

    Call it the “John Hancock Project” for the “in-your-face” signer of the Declaration of Independence” make it simply a concise list of words rather than a sentence. The reason for the latter is that this reaches across a wide political spectrum and as much as we’d like to “Plant a bug bomb under the Bush”, that’s playing to the choir.

    So work up a tag line that includes the word list and brief instructions on how to implement it in Outlook and Firefox.

    And add the sentence “Are you concerned that this action would place you on some secret list and invite retribution from the government? I am sorry to tell you that just by receiving this message you are on that list. Stand up for freedom.”

  3. Custer says:

    This is such a good idea! I have had to put it into immediate effect. For one who knows they have been spying on them for at least five years, I hope this flags all my emails for them. I am an avid wargamer and researcher. I have had contact with people in Europe, Australia as well as North America. I’m sure the NSA or the others will never admit what they are doing, nor pay for all the hard drives they have destroyed. When another person described to me the method of attack and the effects he thought they did to him was the exact same methods used on me that was the clincher. We Americans are being spied on! I hope I convince others to do the same.

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