Do We Have To Arrest Bush & Company Ourselves?

Do we have to make citizens’ arrests of Bush & company? We have smoking gun after smoking gun and the criminals in charge of our nation do nothing. It is quite clear they are all (with few exceptions) in on the crimes.

We have TONS of EVIDENCE that both presidential elections have been stolen. That alone should be enough to arrest the people who have taken over our nation via electoral coup! But wait - there is more, lots more! We have EVIDENCE that there was inside involvement in 9/11 - nothing happens. We have EVIDENCE that George W. Bush lied about the reasons for invading Iraq, about what he knew about the potential doom of Katrina in advance, and he knew (and may have been involved) about 9/11 - nothing happens. We have testimony that Dick Cheney approved the leaking of top secret information - nothing happens. Do we have to arrest these criminals ourselves? Even if all the EVIDENCE is wrong it only proves that this administration is so incompetent that they should be removed from office for our own safety!

Congress is our enemy; the Justice Department has been compromised in the same way that Police Capt. Mark McCluskey was in the movie the Godfather. Our military have been so blinded with propaganda that they don’t realize that they have been mobilized in direct contradiction to the principles for which they believe they are fighting. Our local law enforcement has already taken steps to implement a fascist police state where they view peace groups as the enemy and they enforce the statutes that violate our Constitution. Do we have to carry out justice ourselves? Do we have to revert to the street justice of the wild west? Do we need to form a posse and arrest the criminals ourselves?

Is there not a single institution in our nation that can come in and stop this insanity? Will the people have to rise up and save themselves?

This whole nation has flipped. We are insane. The crimes are so egregious, so outrageous, so vile that people do not believe they are being conducted. They see, smell, feel, hear and taste the evidence yet they still find this reality too difficult to believe! What do we have to do to wake everyone up?

The Bush administration is built on two foundations. 1. Members of PNAC; a group who knew their radical agenda would not be accepted by Americans unless there was, in their own words, “…a catastrophic and catalyzing event, like a new Pearl Harbor!.” 2. A group of experience criminals (a la Iran Contra), some of whom were convicted of crimes related to subverting our political process. I speak of people who had a reason to permit, enable or conduct the events of 9/11 and I speak of people who have decades of experience operating illegal operations at the highest level of government for the purpose of subverting the democratic process. DON’T YOU PEOPLE FIND THIS DISTURBING IN THE LEAST?

Don’t you people realize that the EVIDENCE of all these crimes is right there in front of your face? Forget the media - they are the enemy and they should be first on our list when we clean house! Look at the EVIDENCE! It’s out there! I’ll pay for the handcuffs - where are all the deputies? Think about it!

NOTE TO CRITICS: This BLOG is not here to provide the EVIDENCE. The EVIDENCE is all around us but you can start by looking at the hundreds of pages and tens of thousands of links to the information that BACKS UP MY CLAIMS. You can start by looking at the main site…

No…this blog does not provide the evidence but it should encourage you to examine the evidence that is available all around us…starting with the main site. So don’t use that in your argument when you slam this post!

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33 Responses to “Do We Have To Arrest Bush & Company Ourselves?”

  1. catlover says:

    Great post, as always. You and Mike Malloy of Air America radio are my favorites. Mike just came out on the air with his belief that the “Bush Crime Family” was complicit in the 9/11 attacks.

    I had a discussion last night with a relative who doesn’t understand why I am beside myself about all this. She says she agrees with me and she and her friends talk about how awful it all is, but I just shouldn’t let myself get so upset. So I said, “OK, so you talk about it-what are you DOING about it? That’s one reason I’m so upset-all you people who sit around and complain, but DO NOTHING!” I am constantly e-mailing and faxing my senators- even though they are Republican sheep- I’ve had 4 letters published in local newspapers in the last 9 months, and I support the websites and blogs I believe in. (A donation is on its way, Jesse.) If everyone who SAYS they are outraged took just one of these actions, I believe the tide might turn. How about it, folks?

  2. popol vuh says:

    Yeah, I feel for you, but you are laboring under the false assumption that there is a single reality for everyone- there isn’t.

    There is reality and there is political reality. Political reality is that if you have enough power, you do not have the same standards applied to you as the rest of the population. Wiretaps- or any type of information collection without a warrant- is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Period, end of message. However unless there is someone who is willing to enforce the Constitution, how do you hold them accountable? You can’t.

    Politics is an exercise of power. You can, if you possess enough power, exercise whatever level political will that you wish. Who will stop you? Who stopped the NKVD? Pol Pot and the Killing Fields mercs? Unless there is a critical mass among the populace, or intervention from an outside source (and you better hope that’s not the case) you simply accept that those who exercise the real power either miss you, if they are bad guys, or are benevolent (good luck wif dat).

    They can do what they like.

    No one can stop them.

    The law does not apply to them.

    Everything else is theater.

  3. SkyeDover says:

    We can’t arrest Bush and Comapay ourselves, but we can use our power in effective ways.

    One of the main reasons for our current, deplorable situation is that mainstream media quit doing its job a number of years ago. We can provide them with a compelling reason to resume being the watchdogs they are supposed to be by cancelling our subscriptions and refusing to buy their advertisers’ products. This may be the only way to bring about change, since “fair elections” seems to have become an oxymoron.

  4. Notmypresident says:

    So just what are we waiting for? Anything is possible. There is also the very real possiblity that the whole administration could come apart from the inside. Nothing lasts forever good or bad. So turn off your televisions and put down the blackberry. Educate yourselves on what is really going on in the world. It’s time for “We the People” to let the Bush Administration and the world know that we will not stand for this any longer! It never should have started in the first place.

  5. MASHER1 says:

    Well this is a fine mess you yanks have us in north america.

    GET YOUR ACT CLEANED UP! Do you think the whole world is going to tolerate America doing the things it is doing now :Read”Stop using DU munitions”. The American poeple would be well advised to MIND IT’S OWN concerns and STOP pushing the little countrys around.

    DO or DO NOT

  6. qrswave says:

    Jesse, great post.

    SkyeDover, cancelling subscriptions and boycotting their advertisers products is a MUST, but it’s not enough.

    They must be exposed at every turn for the liars and the scoundrels that they are.

    Close your wallets, open your minds, and raise your voices America.

  7. SkyeDover says:

    QRSWAVE, you say “They must be exposed at every turn for the liars and the scoundrels that they are.”

    In order to do that we need the media! But the media hasn’t been doing its job. That’s why we need use our economic power against it. Once it feel pain in its pocketbook, it will see that there’s an unacceptable (to it) consequence for its actions, or rather, lack of them. Then when most Americans see all the evidence, I’m confident that they’ll insist on a appropriate response, i.e. impeachment.

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  9. Cheryl says:

    It is becoming more and more apparent that we may have to arrest them ourselves.
    Does anyone know anything about “Citizens Arrest”? Is it a Federal statute, or state-to-state?
    I would enjoy doing it myself, and I already have hancuffs.
    (Although I’ll have to reconsider my stance against “police brutallity”)
    Any ideas as to where we can obtain info. on procedure?

    p.s. Ann Coulter is a dick.

  10. qrswave says:


    I agree that kicking them where it hurts (in their wallets) is important.

    But, they get money from their patron corporations, who in turn get money from their patron banks, who in turn create their money out of thin air. So really, if we aim to make a difference merely by withholding MONEY, then we don’t stand a chance.

    Our real power at this point, is in withholding our TIME, and using our voices to frame the discussion ourselves. We must set the agenda. If we wait for the media to do it, we’ll be waiting forever.

    When they realize that no one is listening to them anymore, they will start listening to us.

  11. BOT says:

    If Bush is to be held accountable, the people would have to do it themselves.

    Representative government is BROKEN in the USA.

    But here’s what is perhaps the most disturbing thing of all: the conspiracy–and YES, this IS a conspiracy–goes well beyond the borders of this country, and includes the global elites. Simply follow the trail of influence and power in the world to discover who’s who.

    By keeping the people focused on the false “liberal” versus “conservative” argument, the TRUE Rulers of this world are getting away with murder–quite literally.

  12. MASHER1 says:

    from another blog post:-
    you are either GOOD or you are NOT
    it is like pregnancy there is no middle ground

    some of you americans may find helpful at this time of evil
    have a read perhaps you may learn some RESPECT for OTHERS.
    Posted by Masher1 at February 10, 2006 04:20 PM

  13. MASHER1 says:

    This is the scary time in case you did not know.
    the powers are going to have to up there game soon to maintain power over you. Just what that means is open for interpreptaion but with US Detention camps just like the germans did in 1930 shooting up all over North America it does not look good at all. What could be the need for 150 200 such Detention camps. Why is there large gassing chambers located at some of thees Detention Camps with brand new 6″ gas pipe run all over them?
    I bet this network of camps would also hold a large group of government criminal types if seen from a diffrent angle. No? Is turn-about fair-play or not? i’m not saying gasing em is right but a prolonged and indefinate stay at gitmo USA could cause some change of heart on there blood based ways would it not. dont let any EVIL escape EVER AGAIN keep the beast in his place. NO?

  14. MASHER1 says:

    Lets not forget this is the highest of crimes against you the good folk of the world. Fighting this bush/zion/world government bullshit is REAL important.
    Keep the faith it will lead you HOME.

  15. cybe says:

    The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan against the traitorous N. W. O. Zionist mass-murder, inside-job perpetrators of 911 and the phoney War on Terror:-

  16. MASHER1 says:

    So You CAN read Good NOW DO IT!

  17. dajson says:

    We have the numbers and collective will to stop Bush through legitamate means, but the problem is that Bush and Co. doesn’t play legitamately. We’ve already won 2 elections, but Bush became President anyway. We have caused unprecedented worldwide protests for this Presidency that is clearly the most unpopular ever. Bush lives in an orchestratoed protective bubble with audiences stacked with fawning synchophants in order to keep him from protesters who follow him everywhere to include his vacation ranch in Texas who are confined to “free-speech zones” out of the President’s view. We have already won the fight legitamatly against Bush, but that’s only the good news. The bad news is that this next election is going to be more fixed in favor of Republicans then the last two. This shouldn’t stop us from fighting this fight. Remember they know that we are out to get them. They know how unpopular they really are, which is why they have stacked the country with Wizard of Oz voting machines in order to steel another election. I believe ultimately this won’t work because democracy is bigger than any government. We are democracy and democracy is coming for George W. Bush and Co. All we need to do is have an honest election in November and the tone of the new Democratic Congress and Senate will change overnight. Impeachment is a scip and a jump from that corner.

  18. MASHER1 says:

    You DON’T have that much time Wake up. Now you will have to ACT before it is too late to do so. Get with it America, you can Sleep or you can ACT

  19. Rad_Man says:

    Yes, we need to form posses and arrest them but it will be a slaughter. I am all for it but the ways and means boggle my pea sized mind. I have weapons, I am weapons trained but I am handicapped and can only defend my bedroom and how many other out of shape burned out patriots like us are waiting in the wings for our bekon call? I am with Jesse on every count and he buzzes me up every time and that is good but I just can’t get it up for the arrests right now. I really feel bad too about that. Good men are being slain in Iraq under our flag and their weapons are better than mine! Show me the way to make it happen and I am on the bus baby!

  20. rbank says:

    I agree we must do something. THe media has another murder to talk about and talk they will until we want to puke. They even have baby pictures to bring it all home. I have worked very hard on my impeachment campaign for the last 5 years. I have listened I have watched. I notice PBS has cut down on the BBC News time. I notice that BBC news now has adds. I read my emails, I call congress, I call senaters. I call senaters when they are brave. I begged that they stop the war. I have begged that they impeach. I have begged for our real president either one. I pray every night that the truth come out. I remember in the early 1970’s reading a book about a religious group that is the government and the end times were there. It’s funny the book was written by the same group of nuts that have now taken over our government. After 911 I remember the words that ran over and over in my minds “many will come in my name but you will know them by their works. Jimmy Carter is a christian and when I look at his works, I realize that he truly is a christian and he is brave enough to speak about what is wrong. I do see some of the senaters trying to do what is right. I take the time to call them on my lunch hour and thank them for the courage to stand up for what is right. My senaters thank me for calling. I pray for the democrates and I pray that the truth comes out. After 911 I felt numb, after Katrina I was sick at heart, these were americans who were starving and dieing in the flood waters. I call and ask my senaters what more do I need to do. We need to call our congress people at least weekly and daily if we have to do make them do their jobs.

  21. qrswave says:

    Senators, in particular, should be thrown out on their asses, tarred and feathered.

    There’s no hope for America if we do not put new blood in Congress.

    Each and every one of us has to take to the streets until the parties give us candidates that will turn this war, this economy, and this country around.

  22. TOM IN DC says:

    Has anybody ever thought that, IF and that’s THE big if ,,,, The holocaust (I.E. the excuse for the last generations Bush Crime Fam profiteered war and foothold for the next) was just an mind control political psychological mass public operation that THEY may just be getting us ready for a REAL gassing of prisoners, AND that we might be the prisoners? The 6 inch tubes might be a F*&$King clue,,,Come on ,,,if you don’t get it TRY (to get it)you might die,,,The whole Jewish - murdered -oppressed -minority concept pales in comparison to the true Zionist banking cartel ( or Diamonds for instance) that we all were born with. Things that you are born with you tend to live with, no matter how caustic. Does make them right though,, NO, therapy might, but that’s painful and takes true FOCUS on the truth……..Not what the media‘s been offering in my lifetime! Guess I’m just worrying about my lifetime, but that doesn’t make me an asshole, it those of you that aren’t worried about the current lifetimes that are ASSHOLES. You’re going to be the death of all of us all, if we don’t kick your collective asses, sooner than later. THE ASSHOLES act unorganized and unconnected, that’s there’re power in real time. I. E. media time, hard to tell the differancce, isn’t it.. We must accept the dominate strategy being employed upon us and use it AGAINST THEM!!! WE MUST become a very organized yet apparently unconnected lobby to effect the change WE WANT…..I.E. sit in line at Hess before you buy gas from NIXXON-MOBoil… hehe

    Only Love can break it down……..
    Hate is every thing you think it is>>>
    Old Neil Young

    That’s the least you can do….

  23. xild says:

    If we had had an actual investigation of the crime scene we wouldn’t need a “political reality.” We would then have the FACTS about things like WMD and most importantly, what happened on September 11, 2001.

    Heck this is just a shared hallucination, right? To those people who jumped to their deaths?

    Sign me up for the revolution. I’ll be there with guns on.

  24. MASHER1 says:

    Get With it America. If you think you are an American then go to Washinton D.C. And Go to the Mall And ADD your Head to the vote. Heads and voices are all that will have any effect. you are by law allowed to use the mall for this purpose so….. FRACKING GET ON IT 160 million is not impossable to fit into D.C. . It is now the only way away from the FIRE. The road may be rough but look to your fellow man do the right thing and stay there intill you repeat YOU are happy with the changes made. Death is what we are trying to STOP All death. Punishment is not for man only GOD can judge and punish.
    Learn this one fact and you are almost home.
    peace and please try to have some fun and do some good along your way and you cannot be stopped EVER

  25. MASHER1 says:

    I truly FEAR NO MAN you should too. Not one ever.

  26. MASHER1 says:

    need some help to get on your way to D.C. how about some bush cuts?

    The 141 programs that President Bush proposed to eliminate or cut in his 2007 budget, with potential savings in millions:



    Microbiological data program, $6 million.
    Community Connect broadband grants, $9 million.
    Commodity supplemental food program, $107 million.
    Research and extension grant earmarks, $196 million.
    Ocean freight differential grants, $77 million.
    Forest service economic action program, $10 million.
    High cost energy grants, $26 million.
    Public broadcast grants, $5 million.
    Watershed protection and flood prevention operations, $75 million.
    Total $511 million

    Advanced technology program, $79 million.
    Emergency steel guarantee loan program $49 million
    Telecommunications construction grants $22 million
    Total $150 million


    Educational technology state grants, $272 million
    Even Start, $99 million
    High school programs terminations:
    Vocational education state grants, $1,182 million
    Vocational education national programs, $9 million
    Upward Bound, $311 million
    GEAR UP, $303 million
    Talent search, $145 million
    Tech prep state grants, $105 million
    Smaller learning communities, $94 million
    Safe and Drug-Free Schools state grants, $347 million
    Elementary and secondary education program terminations:
    Parental information and resource centers, $40 million
    Arts in education, $35 million
    Elementary and secondary school counseling, $35 million
    Alcohol abuse reduction, $32 million
    Civic education, $29 million
    National Writing Project, $22 million
    Star Schools, $15 million
    School leadership,$15 million
    Ready to Teach, $11 million
    Javits gifted and talented education, $10 million
    Exchanges with Historic Whaling and Trading Partners, $9 million
    Comprehensive school reform, $8 million
    Dropout prevention program, $5 million
    Mental Health integration in schools, $5 million
    Women’s Educational Equity, $3 million
    Academies for American History and Civics, $2 million
    Close-Up fellowships, $1 million

    Foundations for Learning, $1 million
    Excellence in Economic Education, $1 million
    Higher Education Programs:
    Education demos for students with disabilities, $7 million
    Underground Railroad Program, $2 million
    State grants for incarcerated youth offenders, $23 million
    Postsecondary Student Financial Assistance Programs:
    Perkins Loan cancellations, $65 million
    Leveraging educational assistance programs, $65 million
    Byrd Scholarships, $41 million
    Thurgood Marshall Legal Educational opportunity, $3 million
    B.J. Stupak Olympic scholarships, $1 million
    _Vocational rehabilitation programs:
    Supported employment, $30 million
    Projects with industry, $20 million
    Recreational programs, $3 million
    Migrant and seasonal farmworkers,$2 million
    Teacher Quality Enhancement, $60 million
    Total $3,468 million

    University nuclear energy program, $27 million
    Oil and gas research and development, $64 million
    Geothermal technology program, $23 million
    Total $114 million

    Centers for Disease Control preventive block grant, $99 million
    Real Choice System Change grants, $25 million
    Community services block grant, $630 million
    Community economic development, $27 million
    Rural community facilities, $7 million
    Job opportunities for low-income individuals, $6 million
    Maternal and child health small categorical grants, $39 million
    Urban Indian Health Program, $33 million
    Total $866 million

    Office of grants and training, $229 million

    HOPE VI, $198 million

    Bureau of Indian Affairs Johnson-O’Malley assistance grants, $16 million
    Land and water conservation fund state recreation grants, $28 million
    National Park Service statutory aid, $7 million
    Rural fire assistance, $10 million
    Total $61 million

    Byrne discretionary grants, $189 million
    Byrne justice assistance grants, $327 million
    Community Oriented Policing Services technology grants, $128 million
    Juvenile accountability block grants, $49 million
    National Drug Intelligence Center, $23 million
    State Criminal Alien Assistance Program, $400 million
    Total $1,116 million
    America’s Job Bank, $15 million
    Denali Commission job training earmark, $7 million
    Migrant and seasonal farmworkers training program, $79 million
    Reintegration of youthful offenders, $49 million
    Susan Harwood training grants, $10 million
    Work incentive grants, $20 million
    Total $180 million
    National defense tank vessel construction program, $74 million
    Railroad rehabilitation financing loan program, $0 million (no funds were enacted in 2006)
    Total $74 million
    Unrequested projects, $277 million
    National Civilian Community Corps, $22 million
    President’s Freedom scholarships, $4 million
    National Veterans Business Development Corporation, $1 million
    Small Business Administration microloan program, $14 million
    Postal Service forgone revenue appropriation, $29 million
    Total $70 million
    Conservation operations, $77 million
    Resource conservation and development program, $25 million
    State and private forestry, $100 million
    In-house research, $123 million
    Environmental quality incentives program, $270 million
    Market access program, $100 million
    Rural Economic development grants, $89 million
    Watershed rehabilitation program, $ 65 million
    Farmland protection program, $47 million
    Value-added marketing grants, $40 million
    Wildlife habitat incentives program, $30 million
    Agricultural management assistance, $14 million
    Broadband, $10 million
    Ground and surface water conservation, $9 million
    Renewable energy program, $3 million
    Biomass research and development, $2 million
    Total $1004 million
    Manufacturing extension partnership, $59 million
    Technology administration, $5 million
    Total $64 million
    Perkins Loans Institutional Fund recall, $664 million
    Teaching American history, $71 million
    Physical education, $47 million
    Mentoring program, $30 million
    Total 811 million
    Environmental management, $762 million
    Weatherization assistance program, $79 million
    Clean Coal Power initiative, $45 million
    Total $886 million
    Health Resources and Service Administration- Children’s Graduate Medical Education, $198 million
    HRSA Health professions, $136 million
    HRSA Poison control centers, $10 million
    HRSA Rural health, $133 million
    Social Services block grant, $500 million
    Substance abuse and mental health programs, $71 million
    Total $1,048 million
    Office of grants and training, $694 million
    Public housing capital fund, $261 million
    BIA school construction, $50 million
    Bureau of Reclamation reductions, $127 million
    USGS Mineral Resources program, $22 million
    Total $199 million
    State job training grants consolidation, $514 million
    International Labor Affairs Bureau, $61 million
    Office of Disability Employment Policy, $8 million
    Total $583 million
    Amtrak, $394 million
    Federal Aviation Administration, Airport improvement program, $765 million
    Total $1,159 million
    Internal Revenue Service business systems modernization, $30 million
    Alaska Native villages, $19 million
    Clean water state revolving fund, $199 million
    Total $218 million
    Assistance for Eastern European democracy, $83 million
    Assistance for the state of the former Soviet Union, $68 million
    Total $160 million
    Aeronautics Mission Research Directorate, $160 million
    Corporation for Public Broadcasting, $114 million
    Denali Commission, $47 million
    National Archives and Records Administration, $8 million
    Total $169 million

  27. MASHER1 says:

    You should learn for yourself how much the WAR is really costing you.
    The war machine is going to consume you if you let it. How many billions does your war machine consume? do you think you know? I bet you a bannana daquri you don’t have a clue. Not even close .

    money will be Americas downfall if you don’t act now

    2 weeks perhaps less if iran opens there market for oil before they said they would. get on it. frack even use your thumb to get to D.C. and protest.

  28. MASHER1 says:

    Every american had better read the cuts post very carefully and see how bad the leaders have stooped. This is one EVIL List EVIL indeed! and keep in mind how many times this lists savings is costing you to pay for them to war and kill?


    USA IS BROKE it just does not yet know it.

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  30. Xtreb says:

    Yes - We will have to arrest them ourselcves. We need to start a campaighn of publicity directed at those whom we can determine to have definite ties to the perpetrators of 911 and the BS war.

    Bush & Company.
    Anyone and everyone on the 911 Commission.
    The gatekeepers of the media - editors.
    Those on PNAC document.
    AIPAC.. A-I-P-A-C…

    A I P A C

    We need to name names (from a short definite list) over and over in propaganda fashion (like they do). Leaflets - SPAM (short spam) - interstate signs like freeway blogger.

    We KNOW who a few of these people are. Its time to confront them. We need to quit calling them “the elite..the globalists…” -

    These are PEOPLE who make these things happen.
    It is PEOPLE we need to hold responsible.

  31. Xtreb says:

    5 years of investigating every avenue to avoid coming to this conclusion because I didnt like this conclusion. It is a conclusion with a built in impediment.

    But - it always comes back to these guys. I still look when there is something that looks like something else - Hoping I wont have to accept this truth after all…

    Sometimes the truth is incovenient.

  32. cybe says:

    Proclamation of Liberty

    (from The Plan against the N.W.O - Please study it)

    (Leviticus 25:10 . . . proclaim Liberty throughout [all] the land unto all the inhabitants thereof:)

    We The People; in order to form a more perfect union and set ourselves free from oppression; demand that all of the legislative branches of government: federal, state and local, including the President and Vice President, shall repeal and cease to enforce all and every piece of man-made legislation, all of which is criminal; fraudulent and treason against the God in Whom we trust and also against we His people. YHWH (”I AM”) has expressly forbidden men from legislating (Deuteronomy 4:2) and has commanded that any and all persons found guilty of so doing should be executed by public stoning, or by any other means available

    Usury is unlawful; expressly prohibited, and therefore:

    We The People demand that the Federal Reserve Bank be prohibited from charging interest and that all interest tocarry out that task. payments already paid to the FRB shall be refunded, in full, forthwith and redistributed equally amongst all the citizens of these united States of America.

    We The People therefore give the legislators, including the President and Vice-President, 15 days to take the necessary steps to repeal all previous man-made legislation and revert to enforcing only God’s Laws in The Bible. Failure to comply with this order from We The People and the direct Command of God; as expressed in The Bible; will result in the guilty being executed.

    We The People demand that all persons convicted under man-made legislation and therefore wrongfully imprisoned shall be released immediately and the judges who unlawfully condemned and sentenced them shall take their places in prison and personally, from their own funds, not the state purse, compensate the offended persons for their wrongful imprisonment.

    Furthermore: anyone collaborating with the enemy; by seeking to or enforcing and/or administering any of the aforementioned illegal legislation against We The People; is guilty of the same crimes as the legislators and will, according to God’s Law, also be executed in accordance with The Law.

    You have been warned.


    The Fremen.

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