Pfizer Markets to Pedophiles on MSNBC!

MSNBC ran another episode of their special investigation into pedophile predators on the Internet. While a wide demographic of people may be interested in a program like this there is no doubt that pedophiles were watching as well. Perhaps they tuned in to see how sting operations may affect them. Perhaps some tuned in so that they can try and influence themselves that they should seek help. But perhaps, and I repeat perhaps some tuned in because some of the stories of pedophilia that were detailed during the two hour broadcast, excited them!

Well the good people at Pfizer must have known who the audience would be. In what I see as a decision based on the worst aspects of human nature, Pfizer made the stomach turning decision to advertise their sexual arousal product, Viagra, throughout a program on pedophilia!

Several of the pedophiles who were caught on the program happen to have the little blue Viagra pills with them as they arrived at the homes of their victims. One would think that kind of free advertising would suffice to such unscrupulous businessmen. Well they were not satisfied (no pun intended) with that. They wanted to make sure that everyone who was watching a two hour program about adult males who liked to have sex with young children, thought about their own sexual arousal. Excuse me while I vomit.

We live in a nation where citizens or citizen groups are not permitted to run informative accurate ads on TV that are designed to provide the viewers with information that our news media neglect to report. This is because the TV executives feel that it is unfair to inform the public about real facts about a sitting president that may not be flattering to dictator in chief. Yet nobody seems to have a problem with huge corporations running ads to promote sexual arousal during a program involving SEX WITH CHILDREN! This nation is in the hands of the truly insane and the Bush Republicans are truly leading this nation down path to Hell. Think about it!

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  1. Cheryl says:

    W T F!
    I had NO idea!
    Good “looking out”, Jesse!
    I’m going to tell my friends and family about this NASTY, DIGUSTING company,
    although after hearing a few T.V. personality’s reactions to the recent molestation of some children by their adult teachers, I’m not surprised (just further shamed by both my country and my generation).
    In case you missed it, during each of their respective shows, both Abrams (of the “Abrams Report”)and comedian Bill Mahr (spelling?) seemed to suddenly became spokesmen for NAMBLA! They actually used the typical excuses that typical pedophiles spout to “justify” the fact that they RAPE
    CHILDREN, ie: It did not harm these kids, because the KIDS WANTD IT! The children LIKED IT!!
    I hope neither of these two “men”, have access to anyone’s kids.

  2. Cheryl says:

    p.s. ann colter is a dick

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