Shooting Cover Up? What About Cheney’s Real Cover Up?

Boy oh boy, look at the White House Press CorpsE as they pretend to be journalists! Look at them ask those tough questions about Dick Cheney’s hunting mishap. Look how concerned they are about how long it took before the information about this personal event that affected 1 single human being, was announced to the American public!

Never mind that it has been 5 years and we still can not get information about what took place in Dick Cheney’s energy policy meetings. Never mind that the meeting could hold clues to events like 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq! Never mind that the Supreme Court case in which a decision was made that would permit Cheney to keep this vital, public and possibly incriminating information from the public came after Cheney attended one of his canned blood fest animal murder sprees (it was not a hunting trip…they did not hunt…they shot animals that were released as targets) with none other than one of the judges who made the decision!

What a damn joke. The only reason that this nation is not experiencing a revolutionary overthrow of the government and of our news media is because the majority of the American people are too damn stupid to know when they are being lied to and abused! We are more concerned about getting prompt and complete information about a mistake that resulted in the injury of a single person, than we are in an event that may be at the crux of global geopolitical revolution, may expose deceit, criminal intent and mass murder of Americans and foreigners alike, and may expose the most vile criminal administration in American history. Think about it!

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  1. James says:

    You may be on to something with all the Cheney talk, but I think you should consider one major factor with regard to the lack of a full out revolution.

    People in America have jobs.

    Think about all the major protesting, coups, et al you see around the world. Where is it? Is it found in the nations with huge gnp’s and solid economic foundations? Or do you find it in nations on the brink of economic ruin with nothing but corruption on the national level oppressing people?

    As long as Americans are happy with their job at the office, two cars in the garage, and a night out at the Olive Garden every so often, there would have to be some sort of cataclysmic event on American soil for them to even begin to care.

    It leads us to the biggest problem today. It isnt Bush, or the neo-cons, or government contractors, it is Apathy.

    It is slowly ruining our country and turning the average concerned citizen into the Joe Schmo who thinks the NBC news with Brian Williams is a good way to get their nightly news.

    If there wasn’t Apathy, you would have your revolution.

  2. deepseas says:

    “there would have to be some sort of cataclysmic event on American soil for them to even begin to care.”

    Guess what? BushCo is getting ready to rock our world with the war in Iran. The fallout will definitely shake us, wake us up….

  3. Monde says:

    Infotainment: it - along with the apathy James mentions above - is the thing that has killed journalism, and by doing so, has trivialised life-and-death events to circus amusements.

    Infotainment. Some aspects of the concept were noble. “People find the news boring. If it becomes…presented in a more entertaining format…perhaps it will help staunch Apathy.”

    Of course, that’s not why the networks embraced it. They embraced it because of the dancing dollar signs in their eyes.

    But Deepseas is correct, much as I wish s/he wasn’t. Next month, Iran will begin selling oil on the euro standard. This is what the neocons do not like and the reason they took over Iraq, and are now wagging the nuclear dog at Iran. They are SICK to do this, but they don’t care as long as someone tows their line.

    The thing is, their line is not going to be towed any more. The illusions are falling away from other eyes.

    How do we get our fellow Americans away from their TV sets after six 10 hour work days a week, plus their homes and families to deal with taking care of?

    How can our fellow Americans be caused to care about these things? They cannot be forced to. They have been goaded by infotainment, but it has backfired: now, people EXPECT news to entertain them, and sickeningly, a younger generation (mostly the males, but also females, too) takes this need so far that many of its members voted for Bush for the following reasons determined by a survey I took in 2004:

    “He’s so crazy it cracks me up”
    “because he’s hella funny”
    ” because that other guy looks boring”
    “we’ll get to finish the war”

    They think it’s a video game.

    Infotainment! What peril ye hath wrought!

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