Another Reason Why I Do Not Watch FOX News

It has been a while since I last watched FOX News. I tuned in for about 20 seconds today. I now remember why I do not watch it. Being a media watchdog I would probably feel obligated to report the little bits of deception that I find or point out the non-journalistic approach to reporting news about things they want you to decide. Well, not that I am lazy but FOX news is too much for one person to watchdog. In 20 seconds I could not find one single sentence that adhered to the standards of journalism. They did not only sneak opinion into their piece (on the UN’s report on human rights violations by the US in Iraq), but they stated virtually every sentence with an opinion or an insinuation. I won’t even talk about the misleading information within the report itself.

When you watch or listen to a “journalist” you are not supposed to know how he or she feels about the information being reported. Can you say this about any “journalist” you see on TV? I bet you can’t! Think about it!

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  1. Batman 544 says:

    Jesse, I know what you are talking about. I am a Heating & Cooling tech. Recently, I made a service call where the homeowner had the TV on Fox News. It was located right next to the furnace so I had to listen to it for about 30 minutes. They don’t even pretend to be reporters anymore. What crap. 24/7 right wing wet dreams.

    If I still drank, I would of hosed down a six pack on the way home, and another after I got there. Geez, it took me two days to get over that BS.

  2. popol vuh says:

    NPR is my favorite for pretending to be “hard hitting, in depth journalism” and delivering the schmaltziest bullshit this side of middle school Winter Pageant.

    This morning they were talking about the Army shutting down the last M.A.S.H. unit- actually they were “giving it to Pakistan” whatever that means- and as if they no longer have mobile Army surgical hospitals, of course they do, they just call them something else and fund them out of the inexhaustable tax coffers while giving away the ones they had to whatever oppressive regime we happen to be in bed with at any given time, but that’s another rant.


    This in depth, hard hitting journalist asks the Rear Admiral in Charge (and that begs the question, what the fuck is a Rear Admiral doing giving away Army assets in Pakistan anyway? Whatever.)

    “So do you (M.A.S.H. people) have any Hawkeyes or Hot Lips Hoolihans?”


    That’s the level of discourse on NPR these days.

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